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The Internet Can't Stop Listening To This Catchy Rap Song By A Group Of Irish Kids

Could this be the song of the summer?

If you’re looking for the song of the summer for 2024, you might not need to look any further. Because a group of young Irish kids put together a rap video for a school project, and it is somehow the catchiest song I’ve heard in ages.

Members of a youth arts hub in Ireland called the Kabin Studio, run by creative director Garry McCarthy, put together a truly incredible song called “The Spark” during a weekly songwriting workshop. McCarthy, who runs the workshops as a way to empower youth through music, told BBC News the song came about in an unusual way.

“On that particular day, we felt like the group needed a bit of energy, so we just put on a drum 'n' bass beat, and then just started coming up with chants,” McCarthy told the news outlet. The song, which was written in part for an annual Irish festival to celebrate youthful creativity called Cruinniú na nÓg, was performed by 15 preteens on the track itself and an additional 10 to 15 kids performing in the video. The performers include young members of a refugee accommodation outside their town of Lisdoonvarna.

After pulling it all together on a tight budget, the Kabin Studio released the video on May 15 and it quickly went viral, amassing more than 8.6 million views. Something McCarthy told The Irish Times was all down to the kids. “The response has been amazing,” McCarthy said. “The kids’ energy and positivity has inspired people. It’s a really catchy song.”

He’s not wrong. Between the catchy lyrics, the enthusiasm, and the beat, it’s a truly great little song. “Think you can stop what we do?” asks the opening lyric. “I doubt it,” the performers declare. “We got the energy, we’ll tell you all about it. I searched for my spark and I found it.”

These kids have also found a measure of fame. Their song was declared “an infectious new bop” by NPR, while on X, people have been sharing the love as well. One user wrote, “addicted to this banger,” while another added, “It’s an absolute belter.” One more predicted, “This is going to be playing in bars and clubs all over Ireland. Brilliant stuff.”

So how do these kids feel about going viral? One 10-year-old performer named Dylan told BBC News, “Now I'm on the radio. This is what all those days of practice were leading up to, and it was worth it, to be honest.”

They really do have the spark.