Netflix's Animated Movie Nimona Is Nominated For An Oscar, But Is It For Kids?

It’s beautiful but violent.

Nimona is a movie that is tailor-made to engage a certain kind of kid. A kid who loves anime and sci-fi but also the Middle Ages, a kid who likes a complicated hero who might be a villain (but also might be a hero?). If this sounds like your kid, you might be tempted to watch Nimona on Netflix with them, especially now that the movie has been nominated for an Oscar. But hold on. It might tick more boxes than you’re prepared to open for your kids, so here’s what parents need to know.

Nimona is based on a popular graphic novel.

The 2023 animated movie Nimona, which has been nominated for a Best Animated Feature Film Oscar, is based on the webcomic written between 2012 and 2014 by cartoonist ND Stevenson. Nimona is set in a world that is at once futuristic but also based on the Middle Ages, with super stylized graphics. The movie, much like the original graphic novel, sees a shapeshifting teenage girl named Nimona (voiced by Chloe Grace Moretz), who meets a lonely, grieving knight named Ballister Boldheart (Riz Ahmed). Ballister has been framed for the murder of the Queen, and the only person to support him is his boyfriend and fellow knight Ambrosius Goldenloin (Eugene Lee Yang). It turns out that the only person who might actually be able to clear Ballister’s name is Nimona, but she is full of mischief and also might be a monster he has been sent to kill.

Is Nimona appropriate for younger kids?

The movie is rated PG and there are some valuable messages throughout Nimona, particularly when it comes to inclusion and acceptance. The same-sex relationship between Ballister and Ambrosius is explored with sensitivity, and the general theme of giving people second chances and finding friendship in unusual places is also important.

Nimona also uses some pretty intense language and even name-calling throughout the movie that comes across as bullying. There is also a lot of violence and death in Nimona, with people’s limbs being ripped from their bodies, stabbings, frightening monsters, and big explosions. With all that said, parent reviewers on Common Sense Media agree Nimona is best for older than 11.

How can you watch Nimona?

Nimona is available to stream on Netflix with a subscription. Older kids who like anime, adventure, and humor will be fans. It may just be too mature for younger kids.