People want to know if 'Suits' will get another season.
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Is Suits Getting A Reboot & Would Meghan Markle Ever Come Back? Here's What We Know

Suits drew 18 billion minutes of viewing in July alone.

It’s been 12 years since the legal drama Suits first hit the USA Network. The little-known series ran for nine seasons in relative obscurity before coming to an end in 2019. So why is everyone suddenly clamoring for the series that ended without really making much of a blip at all? And more importantly, will there actually be a 10th season of Suits like so many people seem to want? And perhaps most importantly... would the entire cast return? Even those who might have married into the royal family? Here’s everything we know so far.

Suits follows a fake Harvard grad joining a law firm.

Suits first dropped on the USA Network with the story of Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), a college dropout with a photographic memory who talks his way into working at a fictional New York City law firm despite not having any credentials. He did, however, pass his LSATs many times as an illegal proxy, so he is more than capable of working as an associate for star lawyer Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht). The two work together to win cases while also doing their best to hide Mike’s secret, and his love affair with talented paralegal Rachel Zane further complicates things. Who played Rachel Zane? None other than the Duchess of Sussex herself, Meghan Markle.

Suits became the surprise hit series of summer 2023.

Suits ended its run back in 2019, but it has really found a second life in the summer of 2023. The series is streaming on both Netflix and Peacock and has enjoyed a huge surge in popularity, with ratings company Nielson reporting that the series drew 18 billion minutes of viewing in July alone.

There are a whole host of reasons that could be behind the newfound popularity. All of the seasons are available at once which makes it very easy to digest in a few sittings, while the show itself is a gentle watch. Then there’s also the obvious Meghan Markle of it all. She was on the series when she first met and dated Prince Harry, leaving the show only when the two got engaged and she initially emigrated to the United Kingdom. Which gives Suits a special kind of allure.

Will there be a Season 10 of Suits?

Now that everyone has caught up on Suits, people are hoping for a 10th season. And series creator Aaron Korsch is here to let fans know that, at this point, it’s not in the works.

“Let me say right off that there is no #Suits reboot or anything in the works,” Korsch tweeted on Sunday, adding that a lot would have to line up for the series to return. “Strike would have to end, some network or streamer would have to reach out and then we would have to collectively want to. Which is no small thing …”

Would Meghan Markle ever reprise her role as Rachel Zane?

While Markle now lives in California and is presumably available for work, fans probably shouldn’t expect her to return as Rachel Zane. Suits producer Gene Klein told TV Line, “I’d be surprised if we could thread that needle for a reunion, but I’d also be delighted if that happened because [when] you do a show for that long, everybody becomes such a good friend.”

When Markle ended her work on the series in 2018, she did remain very good friends with the cast. So much so that they were invited to the royal wedding that same year. So it’s good to know that Suits carries on in the hearts of the cast. Even if it might not in reality.