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Jason Kelce Reveals His Hilarious Disney Obsession That Really Gets On His Wife’s Nerves

How much is too much Aladdin? Kylie Kelce probably has an answer.

by Kaitlin Kimont

If you thought Jason Kelce was only watching game highlights on ESPN in his free time, think again. The Philadelphia Eagles center and dad of three is apparently a big fan of a classic Disney movie and watches it so much with his daughters that it’s become a thing.

On the latest episode of the NFL star’s podcast with his brother Travis Kelce, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, Jason reveals that he’s watching Aladdin so much at home that it gets on his wife Kylie’s nerves. “Kylie gets mad at how much I turn on Aladdin,” Jason said on the podcast, adding that his daughters — 8-month-old Bennett, 2-year-old Elliotte, and 3-year-old Wyatt — are equally obsessed with the 1992 animated movie.

“I’ve turned our girls into huge Aladdin fans,” he added.

For some reason, it seems the whole Kelce family is little obsessed with Aladdin. Jason’s brother Travis, who plays on the Kansas City Chiefs, said on the podcast that he’s often signing the opening song from the movie, “Arabian Nights,” to himself. “I’ll just start — I’ll sing Aladdin all the time, just in my head,” Travis shared.

“Can’t sing that one. The vocal fry technique doesn’t work on that one,” Jason said after belting out a few lines from the song.

Why exactly do they love Aladdin so much? Could it be Robin Williams’ voice as Genie? Is it Iago? The magic carpet? The Kelce brothers didn’t say, but chances are the movie was playing on repeat during their childhoods — when they weren’t on the football field or selling their school lunches for honeybuns, that is. Speaking with Romper earlier this month, Donna Kelce revealed that Travis and Jason would secretly make some money off of the lunches she’d make to purchase a sweet treat or fast food instead.

“They would get a honeybun at school. I didn’t realize that’s what they were doing,” Donna shared with Romper. “They were selling their lunch that I would make for them, and they would get a honeybun and walk across the street and get Wendy’s.”

These days, Jason’s wife Kylie is on the receiving end of his antics. But even if the millionth viewing of Aladdin gets under her skin, it’s all fun in their family. In an interview with People in September, the NFL star said they are “all about positive energy,” while Kylie said they tend to “find better energy in the idea of poking fun at [negative comments and criticism] than taking it seriously and getting legitimately defensive.”

On that note: Alexa, play “Arabian Nights.”