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Jennifer Lopez Calls Her Kids "The Best Witnesses" At Her Vegas Wedding To Ben Affleck

“We are so grateful to have [love] in abundance, a new wonderful family of five amazing children.”

Jenny on the Block is now Jenny Affleck! Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck tied the knot in Las Vegas on Saturday night in a surprise elopement nearly 20 years after they first got engaged, proving that true love always finds a way. Bennifer finally made their down the aisle, and J. Lo’s twins Emme and Max, 14, were in attendance.

“We did it. Love is beautiful. Love is kind. And it turns out love is patient. Twenty years patient,” Lopez wrote in her On The JLo newsletter on July 17. The Marry Me star explained that she and the Argo star flew to Las Vegas on Saturday night to get married, and an insider revealed to Elle that Lopez’s twins, whom she shares with ex-husband Marc Anthony, were there. “It was super, super small,” the insider shared. “[Jennifer's] mom and kids were there. They just wanted to be married so they got married.”

Lopez and Affleck’s kids — Violet, 16, Seraphina, 13, and Samuel, 10, whom he shares with ex-wife Jennifer Garner — have often been spotted hanging out together. In March, Emme and Samuel showed their support for Lopez as she accepted the 2022 Icon Award at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. There is no word on if Affleck’s kids attended the nuptials or not, but, luckily, they will get a chance to celebrate again.

An insider told People that the newlyweds “plan on having a bigger party so they can celebrate with family and friends.” They also added the two “don’t have a honeymoon planned yet.”

J.Lo seems so genuinely happy finally being married to Affleck, and it’s awesome to see the way they are blending their families. “We're older now, we're smarter, we have more experience, we're at different places in our lives, we have kids now, and we have to be very conscious of those things," Lopez told People in February about dating Affleck again. “It's a beautiful outcome that this has happened in this way at this time in our lives where we can really appreciate and celebrate each other and respect each other.”

“We have been in the game in the public eye long enough to know who we are as people and what really matters and what doesn't matter,” Lopez shared in the same interview. “We have kids and we respect each other. ... We really live our lives in a way we can be proud of and our kids can be proud of you. We're just operating from a place of love and respect for everyone in our lives and that is very important to us. We know what the truth is [and] we hold it sacred."

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The singer cheekily referenced her wedding on Instagram yesterday, posting a picture of her in bed, showing off her wedding band.

In her On The JLo newsletter yesterday, she shared more details of the wedding, including how she and Affleck stood in line for a marriage license with four other couples “making the same journey to the wedding capital of the world.”

“Behind us two men held hands and held each other. In front of us, a young couple who made the three hour drive from Victorville on their daughter’s second birthday—all of us wanting the same thing— for the world to recognize us as partners and to declare our love to the world through the ancient and nearly universal symbol of marriage,” she continued.

The A-list couple “barely made it to the little white wedding chapel by midnight,” wrote Lopez. They took pictures in a pink Cadillac, and she shared one picture with Emme making a rock ‘n’ roll hand motion in the back of a convertible. She then referred to her kids as the “best witnesses.”

“So with the best witnesses you could ever imagine, a dress from an old movie and a jacket from Ben’s closet, we read our own vows in the little chapel and gave one another the rings we’ll wear for the rest of our lives,” Lopez wrote, before adding “was the best possible wedding we could have imagined. One we dreamed of long ago and one made real (in the eyes of the state, Las Vegas, a pink convertible and one another) at very, very long last.”

It sounds like such a romantic, spontaneous wedding — and one that put love above everything else.

“When love is real, the only thing that matters in marriage is one another and the promise we make to love, care, understand, be patient, loving and good to one another. We had that. And so much more. Best night of our lives,” Lopez wrote in On The JLo before thanking the Little White Wedding chapel for “letting me use the break room to change while Ben changed in the men’s room.”

She continued, “They were right when they said, ‘all you need is love’. We are so grateful to have that in abundance, a new wonderful family of five amazing children and a life that we have never had more reason to look forward to. Stick around long enough and maybe you’ll find the best moment of your life in a drive through in Las Vegas at twelve thirty in the morning in the tunnel of love drive through, with your kids and the one you’ll spend forever with. Love is a great thing, maybe the best of things-and worth waiting for.” She then signed off as “Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck.”