Joe Jonas addressed Sophie Turner divorce.
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Joe Jonas Addressed His & Sophie Turner’s Divorce News On Stage

“If you don’t hear it from these lips, don’t believe it.

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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner officially told the world that they were filing for divorce after four years of marriage last week. Rumors of their split had already rocked the internet, with unnamed “sources” telling TMZ that Jonas had filed for divorce from the Game of Thrones star. Those same unidentified sources also had a thing or two to say about the couple’s parenting styles that got the internet extra fired up. Over the weekend, Jonas subtly addressed the divorce and those rumors by telling the crowd at The Jonas Brothers’ Five Albums, One Night concert that it had been a “crazy week.” And cautioning people not to believe rumors unless they heard them from “these lips.”

In a video shared on Twitter, Jonas can be seen speaking to concertgoers ahead of performing his song “Hesitate,” which he penned for Turner before the two married in 2019. “It’s been a crazy week,” Jonas, who shares 3-year-old daughter Willa and a 1-year-old daughter with Turner, told the crowd. “I just wanna say, look: If you don't hear it from these lips, don’t believe it. Okay? Thank you, everyone, for your love and support. Me and my family love you guys.”

This is the first time either Jonas or Turner have spoken about their divorce beyond the joint statement they shared on social media last week that read: “A statement from the two of us: 'After four wonderful years of marriage we have mutually decided to amicably end our marriage. There are many speculative narratives as to why, but truly this is a united decision and we sincerely hope that everyone can respect our wishes for privacy for us and our children.’”

The “speculative narratives” mentioned in their statement came from those unnamed sources, who told media outlets that the dad of two had been raising their children for the past three whole months while Turner worked. One source told TMZ that the mom of two “likes to party, he likes to stay at home. They live very different lifestyles.” The insinuations left hanging in the air from those statements, that Turner was somehow in the wrong for working and wanting a life outside motherhood, received swift and consistent backlash on social media. Jonas was accused of potentially planting those “sources” in an effort to paint Turner as a bad mother. And now he appears to be addressing that accusation. As he told the crowd, “If you don’t hear it from these lips, don’t believe it.”

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