John Legend & Chrissy Teigen Gave Us A Look Inside Their Kids’ Fantastical Bedrooms

Consider our jaws dropped.

by Kaitlin Kimont

We often get a peek inside Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s Beverly Hills home when the Cravings cookbook author posts cooking videos on Instagram, but this is the first time the couple has shared just how wild their kids’ bedrooms are. Truly, their daughter Luna and son Miles’ bedrooms are so fantastical, they look like they were plucked right from their imaginations. There’s a slide, a ball pit, a climbing wall, and both of their rooms have two stories.

Legend and Teigen, who recently welcomed a baby boy named Wren via surrogate, five months after the birth of their daughter Esti, took Architectural Digest on tour of their home for the magazine’s September Style issue. Legend told Architectural Digest that he and Teigen wanted to “create something magical, especially for the kids” with their new home. And magical definitely seems to fit the vibe of Luna and Miles’ bedrooms.

With the help of AD100 designer Jake Arnold, the parents of four transformed Luna’s bedroom into a pastel play palace and Miles’ room into a safari adventure filled with dinosaurs and giraffes.

Let’s start with Luna’s room, which Legend acknowledges is “cool” in a video tour of their home. “We just gave Jake [their designer] some vague notes about how we wanted the kids’ rooms to look and when he came back with drawings of what they were actually going to look like, I was like, ‘This is beyond anyone’s wildest dreams of what their bedroom should looks like.’”

Luna’s room bed has a pink slide that she “goes both up and down,” according to Legend. While most of us didn’t grow up with a slide in our rooms, like most kids’ bedrooms, Luna’s room also has glow-in-the-dark star stickers scattered on the wall behind her bed, where “many Amelia Bedelia books are read,” Teigen says.

Luna’s room also has a little kitchen, complete with a Easy-Bake Oven

Luna’s room also features a little swinging couch and a cozy nook where she and Miles have sleepovers.

While Luna’s room has a more serene vibe, Miles’ is definitely more adventurous.

“Miles loves cars if you can’t tell,” Legend says. “The centerpiece, of course, is the Jeep bunkbed.”

Miles’ room has a cozy “cave” where he likes to read and there’s also a climbing wall he can use to get the second story of his nook.

“There’s a little climbing wall in the corner where he can climb up that way to get up on the second little story of his nook and cave,” Teigen says, adding that his room has lots of storage for his many dinosaurs and giraffes.

Esti and Wren’s nurseries weren’t included in the tour, but they did give us a glimpse of their home theater, where the kids like to jump around and watch movies like Scooby-Doo. “We don’t watch a lot in here, but the kids do,” Legend says.

“We like to jump in here!” Miles yells during the tour.

“It’s an easy place to jump and not get hurt,” Legend adds. “Miles loves it.”

For their home theater, Teigen says she loves that “it’s lush, it’s feminine, it’s beautiful.” But can you even say you have a home theater if it doesn’t have a nacho station? No, no you cannot.

“We usually have a nacho machine in here,” Legend says as Teigen pulls out several bags of manufactured cheese. These kids have it made, folks.