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Khloé Kardashian Reveals Her Sisters Have An Agreement As Moms To Never Shame Each Other

“We hate a shamer.”

Raising your daughter in a family where your sisters have eight children between them could become a minefield of unsolicited advice if you weren’t careful. Particularly if your sisters have children close in age to your own. Fortunately this is not an issue for Khloé Kardashian as she raises her 3-year-old daughter True. In a recent interview with Australia’s Gritty Pretty magazine, the Good American designer said that the Kardashian sisters agree as moms to never shame each other.

“We hate a shamer,” she explained to the magazine. Considering how much flack they’ve all gotten from the general public over the years, you really can’t blame them.

Khloé is raising True in Calabasas, California, within striking distance of her sisters Kim, Kourtney, and Kylie, all of whom are moms themselves. In fact, Kim and Kylie have daughters Chicago and Stormi born within months of Khloé’s daughter True, which means the sisters are all going through similar life stages with their kids. The proud mom told Gritty Pretty, per People, that raising her daughter in such close proximity to her family has been incredibly helpful for a few reasons.

“There are always challenges with raising kids, but I’m so fortunate to have such a strong family support group,” Khloé said. “We also know that we have individual families and don’t like to give a lot of advice, unless it’s solicited.” She added an important element to the no unsolicited advice clause between sisters who are all trying to raise kids, “We never mom-shame. We hate a shamer.”

The Karashian sisters are not about a mom-shamer.

Kylie, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé have all had experiences with people shaming their parenting on several occasions for all sorts of reasons. No matter what decisions they make with their children they seem to come under fire, and keep in mind that they are raising nine between them so that’s a lot of little personalities to manage. And with so many little ones around True’s age, including Rob Kardashian’s 4-year-old daughter Dream and Kim’s 1-year-old son Saint, the sisters apparently try to avoid the comparison game as much as possible.

“True has two cousins that are only three months — they're all three months apart,” Khloé told Dr. Travis Stork during a podcast interview on The Travis Stork Show. “And so sometimes I see some of them and I'm like, but Chicago did this or Stormi did that. I'm like, I can't do that. We're all different kids and different ages and we just learn differently. So I think just also understanding that, too... I have to remind myself of that."

The Kardashian sisters’ little community of moms is perhaps the most enviable element of their lives, I think. Especially since they’ve made a conscious decision to build each other up as parents instead of tearing each other down.