Kelly Clarkson's Son Remy Danced His Heart Out While She Sang "A Whole Lotta Woman"

They really put on a show!

Being the kid of a famous performer like Kelly Clarkson definitely has its perks. Especially if, like her 9-year-old daughter River Rose and 7-year-old son Remington, you have the performer gene in you. Both of Clarkson’s kids joined her onstage to perform recently, and these two are absolutely following in their mom’s footsteps because they really put on a show.

Clarkson is currently doing her Chemistry: An Intimate Evening Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood for the summer ahead of the release of her 10th album Chemistry. She is putting on 10 shows in total and has really been pulling out all the stops. She changed the lyrics to her song “Piece By Piece” after her divorce from Brandon Blackstock in one performance, for instance. And even better, she brought River Rose and Remington onstage, separately and together, to perform for her cheering audience over the weekend.

First off, daughter River Rose was called up by her mom to join her onstage to sing a song of her choosing. “She’s been jamming to this song since she was a baby,” the proud mom told the crowd. “She loves this song so much, so she was like, ‘Can I sing this song?’”

After River Rose got over her initial nerves, she joined her mom in singing “Heartbeat Song” and totally rocked it.

Clarkson could not have looked prouder of her little girl for getting up there with her and performing in front of such a massive audience (River Rose said “Oh my God” when she first looked out at her mom’s fans in an adorable moment of nerves), and the two hugged it out onstage.

Then it was Remington’s turn to come onstage to dance with his mom. “He was like, ‘There's gonna be a lot of people,’ and I was like, ‘No, we have dances all the time at our house,’” Clarkson told the crowd about Remington’s initial reservations. “We dance, we pull a disco ball out and we just dance.”

Once he was onstage, those nerves completely vanished. Clarkson asked Remington what he had chosen for his song and he called out, “A Whole Lotta Woman.” He danced his little heart out to the song while his mom continued to call out “Get it, Remy!” Even Clarkson’s backup singers couldn’t get enough of little Remy.

Perhaps the sweetest part of her children’s separate performances; River Rose picked out her own dress while Remington was wearing what were clearly some well-loved pants and a t-shirt. Clarkson is out there letting her kids be themselves, and we love her for it.