Kelly Clarkson's daughter is already a genius.
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Kelly Clarkson's Daughter Is An Expert At Getting Out Of Zoom Schoolwork

Should we all try this during our next Zoom work meetings?

Some people are just ahead of the curve, like little 6-year-old River Rose Blackstock. Truly, Kelly Clarkson's daughter's trick to avoid homework on Zoom is inspired, the work of a young procrastinating artist who is developing her talents at a surprisingly fast rate. Fortunately for her, Clarkson thinks it's funny. Unfortunately for River, her mom isn't letting her get away with much.

The "Since You've Been Gone" singer opened up on The Kelly Clarkson Show about what her own experience with homeschooling has been like since the outset of the coronavirus pandemic on Wednesday. Clarkson, who is mom to 4-year-old son Remington along with 6-year-old daughter River, was speaking to a teacher via Zoom herself when she noted that "it's just so hard" getting kids to focus when they are learning remotely. As so many kids across the country have been doing throughout the pandemic.

Although focus doesn't appear to be the issue for Clarkson's daughter River. As she explained to her laughing guests (and it should be noted that she was trying not to laugh herself), "My daughter does this thing, I don't know if y'all have these kids, she will do this," mimicking the way a person freezes "and just pretends that her screen" is frozen.

Somewhat proudly, Clarkson reminded the laughing teachers in the audience, "She's 6! And I literally just caught her. She'll just pretend like she's frozen, so she doesn't have to do what they're asking her to do." So what did The Voice judge do about it?

"I'm like, 'points for the comedy but reel it in, dude."

Clarkson is certainly not the only parent out there dealing with kids who might not love homeschooling as much as we would like. After a spring with schools closed across the country transitioned into an autumn with all sorts of educational plans, hybrid, in-person learning, remote, it's no wonder kids like River are coming up with ways to act out now and again. The singer's response, to laugh it off but tell her to "reel it in" feels about right.