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Khloé Kardashian's Nanny Posted A Video Of What It's Like To Be On Vacation With The Fam

She hangs out on Kylie Air.

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The Kardashians take a lot of flak for hiring nannies to help with their children. At this point, it’s somewhat expected for one of the moms to post photos of her kids only to receive the “you’re not even raising your own kids” backlash. But what is it actually like to be a Kardashian nanny? From the looks of a recent post from Khloé Kardashian’s nanny, it’s pretty spectacular.

Andreza Cooper, who helps care for Khloé’s 5-year-old daughter True and 1-year-old son Tatum with ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson, took to Instagram to share a fascinating snapshot of what it looks like to be on vacation in Italy with the Kardashian family. To the tune of the Domenico Modugno singing the classic Italian song “Volare,” Cooper gave us all a bird’s eye view of what it’s like to fly on Kylie Jenner’s private airplane. Or “Kylie Air,” as the monogrammed napkins and personalized water bottles read. She had a bouquet of fresh flowers at her seat as well as snacks, so we were off to a good start.

Then came the view of the Italian countryside through the curtains of her room before she headed out to a massive table covered in every amazing food you can imagine. Cheese, charcuterie, pastries, sauces, cakes. Incredible.

Cooper followed this up with snapshots from her trip including a selfie with Khloé herself and a little mirror dance video with 5-year-old True, who was sporting her arm cast from an injury she sustained earlier this summer. She finished it off with a sunset view out the window of Kylie Air. I’m just saying... it looked a whole lot better than my nanny days when my boss left notes on the good chips to remind me those were for family only.

This isn’t Cooper’s first holiday with Khloé and her family. The longtime nanny has also joined her boss in Rome, Paris, Indonesia, and Turks and Caicos, per Glamour, and the two appear to be very close. While the trips certainly look incredibly glamorous on her Instagram feed, she did note in 2019 that these trips were “always challenging, tiring, and have a lot more hard work than [glamour].”

Still, I bet they let her eat the good chips.

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