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This Kid Recreates Iconic Christmas Movie Scenes & The Results Are Amazing

Wait until you see his Die Hard.

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If ever there was a year where we needed super silly and quite amazing holiday card inspo, this is it! Whether you've already created them or are throwing in the towel on the whole operation, you have to appreciate 11-year-old Grant McKellar's holiday movie remakes. His spot-on classic film scenes take the Christmas card tradition to a whole new level that's especially perfect this year.

There's no posing next to the Christmas tree with his parents in matching denim. Instead, ever since he was 2 and a half, Grant’s aunt, Charleston, South Carolina-based photographer Leslie McKellar, has helped her nephew recreate famous holiday movie moments, from Love Actually to A Christmas Story.

"I was constantly taking photos of him anyway, and as the holidays approached it occurred to me that he would make the cutest Ralphie ever," remembers McKellar of their first staged shoot. Finding some broken glasses, McKellar, along with Grant's mom and dad Mark and Andrea, coaxed the toddler to give them his best "you'll shoot your eye out" look. That's when the tradition began. Following years it was Charlie Brown (complete with a sad little tree); Kevin from Home Alone, and Buddy the Elf feasting on M&M-topped spaghetti.

Grant as Ralphie from A Christmas StoryLeslie Ryann McKellar
Grant McKellar as Charlie BrownLeslie Ryann McKellar

Now an anticipated tradition, McKellar says family and friends look forward to Grant's Christmas card unveiling each year. "Our wide circle of family and friends wait anxiously for the big 'release,'" she says. "We keep the movie a secret. It's become a pretty big deal amongst our people."

Grant as Kevin McCallister in 'Home Alone'Leslie Ryann McKellar
'The Polar Express'Leslie Ryann McKellar
Grant as Cousin Eddie from 'Christmas Vacation'Leslie Ryann McKellar

It was an even bigger deal the year they recreated the classic paper mache octopus scene from Love Actually. McKellar says that Martine McCutcheon, Hugh Grant's love interest in the film, liked Grant's rendition so much she retweeted the picture, a huge win for Leslie, who says, "I spent a whole weekend making that costume."

A hat tip to 'Love Actually'Leslie Ryann McKellar

For the McKellars, topping each past year's photo has become a fun family challenge and last year's was one for the books: possibly the most debated "holiday movie": Die Hard.

Grant channeled John McClane (Bruce Willis) in last year's 'Die Hard' homageLeslie Ryann McKellar

Naturally, 2020 required that Grant take his holiday movie magic even farther. The solution? Resting Grinch face.

Grant channeled the Dr. Seuss character thanks to the help of a prosthetic they ordered from Etsy, along with "green makeup, a Santa hat, lots of shedding fur, and Photoshop," says McKellar.

Grant a.k.a. GranchLeslie Ryann McKellar

Grant didn't seem to mind. He says, "It was very sticky, time consuming, but fun, fun nonetheless."

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