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It's Time For Us To Decide Kourtney & Travis's Baby Boy's Name

Only two of my suggestions start with K.

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I’ve been invested in Kourtney Kardashian’s identity as a mother since the first seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kourtney was the first of her sisters to become a parent, and some of those early episodes could be brutal and heart-wrenching. Who could forget the one where she gives birth to Mason, reaching down to pull her own baby out of her vagina? Or the episodes that follow, where she tries to work on her relationship with Scott Disick, and she sobs when telling Scott that she loves Mason more than she loves him?

It’s no surprise, then, that I have plenty of thoughts and feelings about her new baby with husband Travis Barker. I’m so excited, in fact, that I have made some baby name predictions.

One of the things that surprised me about Kourtney was the name she chose for her first baby: Mason. In a world where celebrities are known (and mocked) for giving their children either cutesy or vintage names (like Apple or Gwendolyn or Hazel) or exceedingly unique ones (like Kulture or Bronx Mowgli) Mason was a... safe choice. A good, solid boy name.

Mason Disick was born in December 2009, when his name was the 34th most popular baby boy name in the United States. “Delivering Baby Mason” premiered in February 2010, and by 2011, Mason was officially #2 on the Top 10 Boy Names list, and it stayed in the top 10 until 2020. (The devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder.)

Kourt followed the same pattern (sort of) with her other two children. Penelope, born in 2012, wasn’t really a super popular name (it was just #125 in the country), but in 2013, the name had shot all the way up to #56 and has grown steadily in popularity each year. It’s cute without being twee, it doesn’t have that “weird celebrity baby name energy,” and it goes well with Mason.

When baby three was born in 2014, Kourt moved notably into “unique name territory” a little bit. Reign wasn’t on any popular baby name lists, and didn’t even break into the top 1,000 until 2017 (where it has gained traction every year since). It was different, new — a curveball.

Which brings us to the baby she’s having with Travis Barker.

Barker also has three children with his ex, Shanna Moakler. His oldest, Atiana, is Moakler’s daughter and his stepdaughter. They remain very close and he treats her like one of his own. Together, he and Moakler have a daughter named Alabama Luella and a son named Landon Asher.

When you mash up all that history and everything we’ve learned about Mr. and Mrs. Barker over the last couple of years (tongues aside), I think you can make some pretty good name predictions. They like edgy fashion, they can be a little weird, they love a good Disneyland trip. They had a whopping three weddings (one in Vegas, one in Santa Barbara, and one in Italy the country she stole from Kim). Sometimes Kourtney is in all bright, happy colors, sometimes she’s in black studded leather. They do what makes them happy. I respect that.

Without further ado, here are some predictions I have for baby boy Barker’s name:

  • It will start with a different letter than A or L.
  • It won’t be totally off-the-wall, but it won’t be super popular either.
  • It won’t be another “word-name” like Reign (or like Reign’s cousin True) and it won’t be a nature name (like Stormi) or a place name (like Chicago).

Let’s get more specific...


OK, I’m throwing this one out there because it was popular in the ‘80s and mid-90s, so it has that “different” vibe the Barkers may be looking for, and it’s a nice ode to Disney (Kourt’s current Instagram profile picture is of Minnie Mouse). Also, Mickey Barker sounds cool as hell.


This was very popular for a long time and is still in the top 50, but it’s a solid boy name like Mason, and it ends in -N like all of the boys in their blended family: Mason, Reign, Landon.


The Barkers have always been very vocal about their love of Halloween and slightly spooky things. I think a nod to Jack Skellington isn’t totally out of line here.


Knox has an edgy vibe that I think Kourt and Travis will love, and it goes really well with Barker.


Felix means happy or fortunate, and this baby will be Lucky No. 7 in the blended fam. They’ve wanted a baby together for a long time and struggles with IVF, so I have a feeling Kourt and Trav feel very happy and fortunate.


OK, this one’s become fairly popular with celebs (Posh and Becks, the Baldwins, Bon Jovi, etc.), but it has that edgy, deeply romantic vibe that Kourtney and Travis love so much in their own Instagram grid. (It’s also a sweet reminder of their wedding in Italy.)


Short and sweet, Kai has a very calm, serene vibe with the meaning “keeper of the keys, earth,” and it just sounds right up the Barkers’ alley.


Bram is one of those names that’s attributed to several different origins, but it gives off a certain edgy, spooky vibe, thanks to Bram Stoker. And how good is Bram Barker?


Another name that ends in -n and has a baroque, romantic feel to it. If they choose this one, I predict they’ll call him “Bastian.”


Also spooky, but romantic, too. (Shoutout to Devon Sawa.) It’s just odd enough for them without being too bizarre.


And while Xander may be short for Alexander, I predict they would choose just this nickname as their son’s given name for a super edgy and fun-but-not-too-fun vibe.

Dear Kourt and Trav, if you’re reading this, I hope you appreciate my suggestions. I wish you would lick each other a little less in public, but I am very happy that you found love and have such a beautiful blended family. You’re obviously not required to take my suggestions, of course, but Mickey Barker is a really good name. Of course, the most important thing is that all of your babies are loved and family is clearly everything to you two, so even if you go extra spooky with a name like Raven, it’ll all be just fine.



p.s. I truly can not wait for the epic Instagram grid birth announcement. Don’t hold back.

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