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Kristen Bell Shares The “Threatening Notes” Her Daughter Leaves Around The House

And leaves threatening notes around the house.

Raising strong-minded young women is not without its challenges. When you teach your daughter to speak her mind, chances are she’s going to speak her mind to you, too. Out loud with her voice or, like Kristen Bell’s 6-year-old daughter Delta, with threatening notes left around the house. No one said raising strong girls would be easy, but at least it’s entertaining.

The Good Place actress shared some hilarious notes her daughter Delta, who she shares with husband Dax Shepard along with 8-year-old daughter Lincoln, had left around the house. Now, both Shepard and Bell are careful to protect their daughters’ privacy by never sharing photos of their faces on social media or elsewhere. Photos of notes, however, are a different kettle of fish.

“I often find threatening notes like these around the house...,” Bell wrote on Instagram on Sunday, sharing a photo of a note written in a decidedly sinister script that had apparently been taped to her daughter’s door during a “30 minute hunger strike” Delta was undertaking. The note read, “‘Don't disturb, Delta is starving to death, only Mom can come in.’” So I guess she wasn’t interested in the help of any medical service staff as she starved to death for 30 minutes.

Kristen Bell’s daughter Delta leaves her mom threatening notes.

Don’t worry, Delta survived. And apparently had some strong feelings about a minuscule bite of cookie she left in a baggie marked, “Deltas cookie Don't eat it or else.”

Bell looked on the bright side of her daughter’s sassy notes, because what else can you do? “Guess I should be grateful my kid can speak her mind! (And appreciates leftovers.)”

Bell’s attitude of looking on the bright side has often served her well as a mom. She told Romper in November, mid-lockdown at home with her two daughters, “There will be no other year that this will be happening, so let me be here to experience it and see what good I can pull out of it, as opposed to assuming that just because it’s different than my other years, it’s bad.”

The proud mom isn’t the only person who deeply appreciates Delta’s independent thinking. Her daughter has earned some social media fans who loved her notes. “Delta is an icon that’s so funny,” wrote one of Bell’s followers while another wrote, “A girl who knows what she wants.”

Who runs the world? Delta. Or else.