Jack Black voices Po in 'Kung Fu Panda 4.'
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Here’s Who Voices Who In Kung Pu Panda 4

Jack Black is back as Po, of course.

When Kung Fu Panda 4 premiered in theaters on March 8, of course it was an instant hit. The franchise, which follows formerly lazy, sweet-natured panda Po as he is chosen to fulfill an ancient prophecy to become a Kung Fu master and defend his homeland of the Valley of Peace, has been a slam dunk since it made its debut in 2008. The DreamWorks franchise’s popularity endures for a variety of reasons. The beauty of an animated, reimagined ancient China, fully populated exclusively by anthropomorphic animals doesn’t hurt. Nor does the concept of a silly, lovable panda bear bumbling his way through learning the art of kung fu to help his fellow creatures. But really, so much of it comes down to the charms of the voice actors.

When you take your kids to see Kung Fu Panda 4 and get all swept up in the fun of it all, I promise you that your experience will be enriched if you have the voice actors in your head while you watch. From Jack Black to Viola Davis to Dustin Hoffman, to name just a few stars, they really are the heart and soul of the movie.

Here’s a look at who voices who in Kung Fu Panda 4.

Jack Black voices Po

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Jack Black returns for the fourth installment of Kung Fu Panda to voice his iconic character Po, and he couldn’t be happier about it. The talented actor, who is dad to 16-year-old son Sammy and 14-year-old son Tommy, has been voicing sweet, clumsy Po since 2008. And he thinks he’s figured out the secret to the success of the franchise. “I think it's similar to the heroes that you see in cinema, who are kind of clowns, but they’re still heroes,” he told Collider. “The unlikely innocence that can still be a hero or someone that you don't expect to be saving the day, people can relate to that and they have those aspirations.”

Viola Davis voices The Chameleon

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Renowned actress Viola Davis was excited to finally play a villain in Kung Fu Panda 4, and the role she took on was a pretty intense villain at that. Davis voices the Chameleon, who she described as a “no-holds barred villain that can transform” felt like a “perfect marriage” for her. The Chameleon wants Po’s Staff of Wisdom, and according to Davis, who we all know from The Woman King and How To Get Away With Murder, she’s a bit of a narcissist. Which is always fun to watch.

Awkwafina voices Zhen

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Awkwafina puts her instantly recognizable voice to good use as Zhen, the corsac fox who befriends Po and joins him on his journey to defeat Chameleon. And it’s a character she understands on a deep level. “I think Zhen is a complex female character that we all have, and I think it's important to find your Po — the one who sees the world in a positive light, someone who wants to give people a chance, and someone who wants to trust,” she said. “I think if you ever feel hardened at all, it's nice to have that energy, and I have definitely found people like that along the way to help."

Dustin Hoffman voices Master Shifu

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Dustin Hoffman, The Graduate himself, returns to reprise his role as the long-suffering Kung Fu Master Shifu. A character he has voiced for 16 years and somehow never knew exactly what he was playing. During a recent interview with TODAY, Hoffman posited that Shifu was a raccoon, only to discover he was actually a red panda. “I thought he was a raccoon,” Hoffman insisted. Either way, he simply is Master Shifu at this point.

James Hong voices Po’s adoptive father, Mr. Ping

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Legendary actor James Hong, who many of us recognize from classic movies like Big Trouble In Little China, returns to voice Po’s adoptive father Mr. Ping. A character the 95-year-old actor wants to continue for as many future movies as they might make. “I may not be available after I’m 100 years old,” Hong told The Illuminerdi. “But I would like to make Kung Fu Panda 5, 6, 7, 8...” We hope to see him voice the sweet and supportive goose Mr. Ping for years to come.

Bryan Cranston voices Po’s birth father, Li

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Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston is coming back to reprise his role as Po’s birth father Li, and he particularly loves exploring the co-parenting dynamic with Mr. Ping. “Like any parent, Li struggles with accepting Po embarking on risky missions,” Cranston told Pinkvilla. “This journey in Kung Fu Panda 4 explores trust, responsibility and the bittersweet reality of watching your child spread his or her wings. The dynamic of co-parenting continues to enrich the exploration of family in the franchise, because it demonstrates that a family isn’t defined by a singular mold.”

Ian McShane voices Tai Lung, Shifu’s former student

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Tai Lung, voiced by legendary actor Ian McShane, could be getting something of a redemption story in Kung Fu Panda 4. As the adoptive son and former student of Master Shifu, the snow leopard was the original villain from the first Kung Fu Panda movie. He was meant to be the Dragon Warrior until Po came along, and went on a rampage through the Valley of Peace. Now he’s back for the fourth movie, and it sounds like he’s going to get a chance at redemption.

Ke Huy Quan voices Han, the leader of the Den of Thieves

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Oscar award-winning actor Ke Huy Quan joins the Kung Fu Panda 4 cast as Han, the leader of the Den of Thieves. The Everything, Everywhere, All At Once star is introduced when Po and Zhen meet him in the bustling metropolis of Juniper City, where Han is busy leading a group of street thieves. Quan admitted to Hollywood Insider that he had been a fan of Kung Fu Panda for a long time, and he was excited to “join the family.”

Kung Fu Panda 4 was bound to be a hit no matter what, but now that we know these actors are on board to voice a group of complex characters, we can all rest assured it will be super entertaining as well.