Larry David is surrounded by women.
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All About Larry David’s Wife & Two Daughters

His daughters, Cazzie and Romy, are super accomplished.

Anyone who has ever watched Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO probably feels like they have a pretty good sense of what it would be like to live with Larry David. The long-running series was created by David himself, after all, and can sometimes feel like a reality series about the Seinfeld writer’s curmudgeonly ways rather than a fictional show. But is the series close to reality, or is it all just fiction? For the answer to that question, you would probably have to ask David’s wife and two daughters.

Larry David married Ashley Underwood in 2020.

David met producer Ashley Underwood at a party at Sasha Baron Cohen’s house in 2017 when the two were sat next to each other at a dinner table. David, who had been divorced from environmental activist Laurie David since 2007, told The New York Times that his meeting with Underwood was most likely a set-up. “We were seated next to each other, I think with that in mind.” The pair went on to date for several years before moving in together in 2019 and eventually getting married in 2020.

She appreciates his sense of humor.

David’s acerbic wit can leave some people scratching their heads, like when he recently attacked poor Elmo for talking about mental health too much on TODAY (he later apologized, but not really). But Ashley Underwood knows how to roll with it, and even use it to her advantage. Like when she’s ready to leave a dinner party and she knows he’ll lead the way. “We’ll be at a dinner party,” Underwood told GQ in 2020, “and Larry will take his last bit of food and just stand up for us to go. I just shrug. He gets the laugh, and I get to ride his coattails.”

Larry David welcomed his first daughter Cazzie in 1994.

Larry David was in the peak of his Seinfeld years when he and Laurie David (the couple divorced in 2007) welcomed daughter Cazzie in 1994, and the inspiration for her unusual name might surprise you. “I was named after a basketball player on the Knicks,” she told Coveteur in 2017. “My dad is that much of a Knicks fan that he had to give me the craziest name ever.” Remember that George Costanza, the Seinfeld character based largely on David, wanted to name his child Seven. So it could have been worse.

After graduating from Emerson College in Boston, Cazzie moved in with her dad and her stepmom for a few years. “I moved back into my dad's house right after graduating from college and have been there for nearly two years,” she wrote in an essay for InStyle in 2020. “When you move back home, you're quickly reminded of all the pros and cons of your earlier life. (Pros: free food, no rent, and an overall feeling of safety. Cons: not being able to smoke weed where you want.)” She went on to write a best-selling collection of personal essays, No One Asked For This, later that year.

Cazzie is an actress who has dated Pete Davidson.

Cazzie David dated Pete Davidson.C Flanigan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cazzie has also done some acting in series like The Umbrella Academy and a cameo in Hannah Montana, and dated Pete Davidson for two and a half years. In fact, Davidson and Cazzie broke up right before the comedian started dating Ariana Grande in 2018, a surprise that left Cazzie feeling “blindsided,” as she told Grazia Daily.

Larry David’s second daughter Romy was born in 1996.

Larry David is a girl dad.Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic/Getty Images

The arrival of daughter Romy in 1996 made Larry David an official girl dad twice over. And he’s not exactly known for his skills as a disciplinarian. “I think about this a lot ― whether or not I'm a good father,” he told The Guardian in 2010. “Sometimes I think I'm a terrible father. I don't really have a spine. In my physical make-up ― you won't find one in my X-ray. I have trouble saying no to people, so anything a kid would ask, I'll just say yes to.” That sort of sounds like a good dad to us.

Romy interned at the White House after college.

Romy David went to George Washington University, and interned at the White House under President Obama before heading off to Columbia University to get her oral history Masters. Her older sister Cazzie told W magazine that Romy takes after their mother while Cazzie takes after their dad.

She also said that Curb Your Enthusiasm is one of her favorite shows, so she’ll be as excited as the rest of us to watch the final season on HBO starting on Feb. 4.