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Legally Blonde Prequel Series Will Follow Elle Woods As A ‘90s High Schooler

What? Like it’s hard?

by Kaitlin Kimont

We think we know Elle Woods. We know she’s a Delta Nu sorority sister, she never goes anywhere without her Gemini vegetarian chihuahua Bruiser Woods, and she’s Harvard Law graduate who knows a pink resume spritzed with a bit of perfume gives a little something extra. Now, Reese Witherspoon has confirmed that we’re going to get to know Elle even better in a new Legally Blonde prequel series coming to Amazon Prime Video.

Dressed in hot pink and with a quick bend and snap, Witherspoon announced on Tuesday that the new series, titled Elle, is officially in the works. “I had this crazy idea that the world might want to know the origin story of Elle Woods,” Witherspoon said at a presentation for Amazon. “So here I am to officially tell you the most amazing news ever, which is that we’re going back to high school with Elle.”

“I truly couldn’t be more excited about this series!” Witherspoon said in a statement. “Fans will get to know how Elle Woods navigated her world as a teenager with her distinct personality and ingenuity, in ways that only our beloved Elle could do. What could be better than that? I’m extremely grateful to the incredible teams at Prime Video and Hello Sunshine — along with our amazing writer Laura Kittrell — for making this dream of mine come true. Legally Blonde is back!”

Elle is set in the ‘90s and will follow the future lawyer as a high schooler, presumably in the ritzy neighborhood of Bel Air in Los Angeles, California. The series’ synopsis says we will “learn about the life experiences that shaped her into the iconic young woman we came to know and love in the first Legally Blonde film.”

An exact release date for Elle has not yet been announced, but Witherspoon shared on Instagram that we can expect it to premiere in 2025. “Before she became the most famous Gemini vegetarian to graduate from Harvard Law, she was just a regular ‘90s high school girl. And all of you are going to get to know her, next year on @primevideo. I’M SO EXCITED!” Witherspoon wrote.

Of course, Legally Blonde fans are dying to know who’s going to play high school Elle and they all have the same thought. “Ok so who’s playing Elle in highschool? Ava?? Feels like the only acceptable answer,” one fan commented on Witherspoon’s post, while another asked, “Is your daughter going to play Elle??” One more added, “Please tell us that your daughter is taking over the role.”

Indeed, Witherspoon’s 24-year-old daughter Ava Phillippe is her doppelgänger, so it’s safe to assume no one would object to that casting choice.