'Lovely Little Farm' is coming for a second season.
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Lovely Little Farm Returns For Season 2... With Hungry Baby Dragons

Jill is doing some dragon-sitting.

The BAFTA award-winning series Lovely Little Farm is for every kid who wished they could live on a farm and raise animals who can talk to them. In a lavender field with your sister/best friend, no less! This is obviously the dream. Thankfully, Lovely Little Farm Season 2 premieres on Apple TV+ soon and Romper has an exclusive clip featuring two adorable new additions. Yup, hungry baby dragons.

Sisters Jill (Levi Howden) and Jacky (Kassidi Roberts) return to life on their sweet little farm in the middle of a lavender field for Lovely Little Farm Season 2. While the charming sisters continue to commune with their animal friends in the barn, including Al Alpaca (voiced by Joel Fry) and Pickle Pony (voiced by Dominique Moore), they have some new guests at the farm. Two baby dragons, who come to the farm early on in the season to be cared for and loved by Jill and Jacky.

Romper’s exclusive clip from Season 2, Episode 3 of Lovely Little Farm sees Al Alpaca and Pickle the Pony needing a break from the baby dragons, who have already hatched out of their eggs. So Jill does a little dragon-sitting for her friends, which turns out to be way more work than she was expecting. The dragons won’t eat at first, so Jill asks her dad Jonas (Micah Balfour), who is feeding her baby brother with a bottle, for tips on how to get them to eat. He tells her to “make it playful and fun,” so she pretends their food is a tractor and they eat it up. Literally.

Watch Romper’s exclusive clip of Lovely Little Farm below!

Fan favorite characters like Quakety Quack Duck Duck (voiced by Shirley Henderson) return, of course, and everyone on the farm learns to adapt to having two baby dragons to care for. Because life on the farm is always changing, especially if the animals know how to talk and oh yes, you happen to have two dragons hanging around.

Lovely Little Farm was created via a partnership with Dr. Gail Melson, a leader in the field of human-animal interaction, who worked with the executive producers to develop the show based on her research on children’s relationships with animals, nature and emerging technologies. It is a sweet, gentle show that encourages kids to think about caring for animals and becoming nurturers themselves. Also there are dragons so it’s a win for everyone.

Watch Lovely Little Farm on Apple TV+. Season 2 premieres on June 16.