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Luke Combs Says He & His Wife Are "In The Trenches" Of Parenting Two Boys

The couple’s sons, Tex and Beau, keep them on their toes.

Luke Combs is perhaps one of the most well known names in country music right now. He has been the Country Music Awards Entertainer of the Year two years in a row, and his hit single “Fast Car” has been nominated for Best Solo Country Performance at the Grammys this year. It’s a lot, and it happened in a fairly short span of time. Just eight years ago he was a “starving artist” at a music festival about to meet his future wife and the mother of his children. Look how times have changed. Here’s what else you need to know about the “When It Rains It Pours” star’s sweet family.

Luke Combs met his wife Nicole Hocking in 2016 and she made the first move.

Combs first met his future wife Nicole Hocking at a songwriters festival in Florida in 2016. Hocking was working for the company that was hosting the festival, while Combs was there to perform. Hocking told Shawn Johnson East and Andrew East on their Couple Things podcast that she was the one to make the first move.

“I was leaving a songwriters round and he was walking up late to it. I was just like, ‘Hey, come hang out with us, why are you by yourself?” Hocking said in 2020. She went on to describe Combs as a “starving artist” when she met him, but the thing that drew them together was their ability to be “weird” in front of each other. “I realized we could hang out and just be ourselves in front of each other,” she told Nashville Lifestyles in 2021. I could wear no makeup and be my weird self — because we’re all weird, but we get to choose who to share that side of us with. We could be each other’s weird in front of each other. That’s when it was like, ‘You know what? This guy’s a keeper.’”

Combs wrote his hit song “Beautiful Crazy” about her.

The couple were still dating when he wrote “Beautiful Crazy” about Nicole, a song that has become wildly popular since it first was released in 2017. “I had just started hanging out with Nicole and had this overflow of feelings about her,” Combs told Nashville Lifestyles, “so when I started writing, the lines just came out of the things that we did.”

When the two married in southern Florida in August 2020, “Beautiful Crazy” was the song for their first dance, and Combs went on to write the song “Forever After All” about their wedding.

Their first son Tex Lawrence Combs was born in June 2022.

Nicole and Luke Combs welcomed their first baby, son Tex, in June 2022. Prior to Tex’s birth, Combs admitted that he was “nervous” to become a first-time dad during an appearance at the Grand Ole Opry. “I got a lot of stuff to do,” he told the audience, per People. “I got a lot on my plate ... I'm uncovering things every day. I'm buying all kinds of clothes I didn't know existed.” Little Tex ended up arriving on Father’s Day in 2022, and he’s been keeping his parents busy ever since.

Their second son Beau Lee Combs was born in August 2023.

The couple told the world that they would be joining the “2 under 2” club in March 2023, announcing that they were expecting another baby. Their second son Beau was born in August 2023, and Combs told People at the time that he and Nicole were in the zone, parenting-wise. “We're just in it. We're in the trenches, taping grenades. [We're] excited for the second one. They're gonna be close [in age], but I feel like we'll be in practice.”

Nicole said in May 2023 that they had “decided on 4, max” when it came to kids, but they “also might stop at 2. Who knows?” Now that they are fully in the trenches, that’s when the big decisions get made.