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Mandy Moore Reveals She’s Pregnant With A Baby Girl & Will Soon Have Her Own “Big Three”

The This Is Us star is expecting her third baby with her husband Taylor Goldsmith.

Mandy Moore is about to become a mom of three. The This Is Us star announced that she and husband Taylor Goldsmith are expecting their third baby, and she’s excited to have a “Big Three” of her own.

On Friday, Moore shared a photo on Instagram of her two sons, 3-year-old Augustus “Gus” and 19-month-old Oscar “Ozzie,” both of whom she shares with Goldsmith, wearing t-shirts that read “Big” and “Middle.”

“Sometimes life imitates art,” the expectant mom wrote in the caption, going on to reference This Is Us by sharing that the “third in our own Big Three coming soon.” Fans of the series will remember that Moore played Rebecca Pearson, mom to Kevin, Randall, and Kate Pearson who were always called the “Big Three” on the show.

And just like the series, Moore went on to announce that she is going to be a mom to two sons and a daughter. “Can’t wait for these boys to have a baby sister,” she added in the caption, and her fans made it clear in the comment section that they couldn’t be more excited for her.

“Your own Big Three! It’s even 2 boys and 1 girl,” wrote one fan, while another recalled the cute little saying from This Is Us, writing, “‘First came me and Dad said gee. Then came me and Mom said wee. Then came me and we said that's THREE; BIG 3!’ Congratulations!”

While Moore did not share details about her due date, she did open up to People last October about life with her family of four and building their own traditions and putting down roots. “I’m excited to settle in and put down roots and figure out what those traditions are going to be,” she said at the time. “Gus just started preschool, and I feel like with all of that comes new community and new things that you do together with new friends and whatnot. So I'm excited to just continue seeing where that leads us, and being home this year, I think, is going to be especially special.”

Moore is fortunate in that she already knows her son Gus, at least, likes being a big brother. She told Parents in 2022 that Gus had “actually been very sweet … and really gentle,” to little brother Ozzie. “And I’m excited to have these two boys so close in age, and hopefully, they’ll grow up to be best friends.”

Now they’ll have another best friend in their baby sister.