Meghan Markle's Old Car Was Such A Clunker, She Had To Climb In Through The Trunk

“I would open the trunk and climb in, then pull it shut behind me.”

It’s easy to look at the Duchess of Sussex and see a person of great privilege. Meghan Markle is, of course, married to an actual royal prince and lives in a beautiful area of California among rich and famous celebrities. But this was not always the case for her, and she is not in the business of forgetting her slightly more humble roots. For instance, when she’s driving around in whatever gorgeous vehicle she happens to own these days, she still remembers her old car that was slightly less luxurious.

The Duchess of Sussex sat down for a surprise interview with her neighbor and friend Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday, and the two reminisced about Meghan’s pre-royal days. Like when she used to visit the Warner Bros. lot where Ellen is filmed in Burbank as an actress auditioning for parts in her old Ford Explorer Sport a decade earlier. A car she told DeGeneres “had a mind of its own.”

It seems that the key for the driver’s side door had stopped working, “so you couldn’t get yourself in through the door,” as Meghan explained. “So after auditions, I would park at the back of the parking lot, and I would open the trunk and climb in, then pull it shut behind me and crawl over all my seats to get out. That’s how I would come to and fro.”

Meghan Markle used to drive an interesting car.

When DeGeneres asked Meghan if she was ever caught climbing into her trunk, she explained that she knew how to “play it off” if anyone saw her. “I would go like ‘no I’m just looking for my resume and my highlighter for my script; oh maybe it’s back there,’” she said, and went on to act out climbing through her trunk.

This little story is yet another reminder that Meghan, who married Prince Harry in 2018 when she was 36 years old, had a full, rich life before becoming a royal. She worked on the USA series Suits for several years and has maintained the friendships she cultivated there. Long before she met Prince Harry, she was an outspoken feminist, an activist, and a humanitarian in her own right.

She just didn’t seem to be too big on car repairs. Now she doesn’t have to worry about them anymore... although wouldn’t it be great if she still climbed through the trunk of her car once in a while for old times’ sake?