Meghan McCain had strong words for rioters at the Capitol.
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Meghan McCain Called Out Capitol Rioters & Donald Trump

"You are not patriots."

During a two-minute monologue on The View on Thursday morning, Meghan McCain responded to violent Capitol riots and President Donald Trump's apparent efforts to incite them in recent days. The conservative pundit and mom of 3-month-old daughter Liberty had some strong words for the rioters who called themselves "patriots" even as they took over the Capitol building, and perhaps even stronger words for the president. She, like so many others over the past 24 hours, is calling for his immediate removal.

McCain and her co-hosts on The View all opened Thursday morning's show with the topic on most people's minds right now; the rioters who took over the Capitol building for several hours on Wednesday, interrupting Congress in attempts to ratify Joe Biden's presidency after the 2020 election. McCain, who is daughter to late Arizona Sen. John McCain, had some choice words about the events that transpired on Wednesday. "I think is the time to take a very hard look at where we are as a country and take a very hard look at where we are with President Trump," she said.

President Trump appeared to incite the rioters ahead of their takeover of the Capitol, did not call in the National Guard as he did when Black Lives Matter protesters were in the city, and even told the rioters they were "very special" and he "loved" them in a video address on Wednesday. His actions have caused outrage in politicians on both sides, with many calling for his immediate removal from the Oval Office by invoking the 25th Amendment.

Meghan McCain is calling for Trump's removal from office.

McCain has now added her voice to those calling for Trump's removal. As she said on The View, "He is clearly a president who has turned into a mad king. And at this point I am calling on all Republicans and conservatives who still have clout; we have to invoke the 25th Amendment. We cannot withstand this. Our country cannot go on like this. And we cannot possibly risk the idea that we could have more violence between now and President Biden getting elected and inaugurated."

When she spoke of the rioters, the daughter of a war hero she had some choice words for these "bastards" who were "using the American flag as symbols as they are attacking our own republic, the same flag that our veterans at Iwo Jima held."

She went on to directly address those people, "You are not patriots. You are not veterans. You are bastardizing all that I love and have grown up with for your own sick agenda, and that agenda has been directly sent by President Trump, and then he didn’t disavow it. He didn’t send in the National Guard, and then he called them ‘special’ and said we loved them. Ivanka Trump called these people patriots. I am a patriot. I come from a patriotic family. I come from a family of service. As does everyone on this show. You are hurting our country.”