Michelle Obama Joined Moms Of Celebs To Encourage Everyone To Get Vaccinated

“This is the real deal baby.”

Seven of our favorite celebrity moms are pulling out the “mom card” to get everyone on board the vaccination train. Improv and sketch comedy club Second City, grassroots group Made to Save, and nonprofit YourMomCares teamed up with A-List moms, including our former First Lady, for a public service announcement to encourage parents and their children older than 5 years old to get vaccinated now, particularly as omicron cases are on the rise.

The PSA features an impressive group of moms including Former First Lady Michelle Obama; Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein's mom, Sharon Feldstein; Alicia Keys' mom, Terria Joseph; Adam Levine’s mom, Patsy Noah; Chris Paul’s mom, Robin Paul; John David Washington's mom, Pauletta Washington; and Zendaya’s mom, Claire Stoermer.

The PSA starts like a movie trailer with a narrator introducing each mother and their famous offspring. “This is the real deal baby, the original moms' book,” Keys’ mother says holding the “mom book.”

“There’s an original moms book?” Feldstein asks, who is also the founder of YourMomCares.

“Oh yea,” Joseph quickly replies.

The video goes on to lay out the mom bribes, which include bribery (like Paul’s macaroni and cheese), guilt, worldly wisdom, texting way too many times, and handcrafted gifts. But if all other tactics fails, the moms will resort to the ultimate power: speaking from the heart.

“The best gift you could give us moms would be to please get vaccinated,” Noah says.

Stoermer added, “Just get the vaccine I don't want to ad-lib about it, Zendaya didn't get that from me.”

Obama wrapped up the PSA saying, “You don’t need to be a mom to be a superhero. You can keep yourself and those around you safe by getting your Covid vaccine or booster today.”

As of Dec. 20, the Omicron variant accounts for 3% of coronavirus infections in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Dr. Robert Glatter told Healthline that he predicts there could be up to a million cases of a day of Omicron by January. The stats alone are enough to call for a mother’s reassuring voice.

“We as Moms know how powerful our opinions can be," Feldstein said in a press release about the PSA partnership. “In a time when people are confused, especially kids, about who they can trust and what they should do, kids know they can trust their Moms. Moms are always going to weigh the options and choose the safest and best one to protect their children. This is why we felt it was absolutely necessary for us to use our collective voices and opinions to let everyone know they should go out and get the vaccine. Period.”

After all, if we don’t listen to anyone else, we will listen to our mothers at the end of the day! You can schedule a free vaccine or booster shot from your local CVS or Publix. The CDC also has a hotline to help you locate services near you. You can also visit vaccines.gov to learn more.