The Mom In Little Bear Was Really Just Crushing Dreams & Calling Kids Fat All Along

“If you jump up you’ll come down very fast with a big plop.”

There’s really something going on in the bear parenting community. Something we humans might not understand. Because Mother Bear, beloved parent to her sweet celebrity son Little Bear, was way too comfortable shattering his dreams of flying in a recently resurfaced clip of the animated series. Maybe bear moms are getting different parenting advice than human moms. Or maybe this particular bear mom is straight up ruthless for reasons unknown.

A resurfaced clip of the very first episode of the Canadian animated series Little Bear, called “Little Bear Goes To The Moon,” sees Little Bear happily coming to share his dream of flying to the moon with Mother Bear. Who made it clear from jump that she had no time for this nonsense.

“Maybe some birds fly to the moon, and maybe I can fly like a bird,” Little Bear posited, wearing an unfortunate cardboard box as a hat as though that would help his case at all. “And maybe you’re a fat little bear cub,” his mother viciously replied in a clip going viral across TikTok, even reaching forward to poke him in his belly as his face fell, “with no wings and no feathers.”

In one sentence, she crushed his dreams and body-shamed him. But she didn’t stop there. “Maybe,” she continued, a satisfied little smile on her face, “if you jump up you’ll come down very fast with a big plop.” At which point that 6-year-old bear put a paw (rather self-consciously) to his belly.

Mother Bear’s strong and confounding response to her son’s gentle dream of someday flying to the moon like a bird was met with shock and, in some cases, recognition by the humans who saw it on TikTok.

“My inner critic when I start feeling a little too optimistic,” wrote one user, while another simply added, “WHY SHE SAY THAT??”

Another user suspected Mother Bear was just sitting there in her rocking chair, waiting for her moment to destroy her son’s confidence, writing “she was just waiting for her chance lmfaooo.”

One more said, “This is how 90s moms kept us in line without having to get up 😅.”

Mother Bear is not the only animated bear mom who really pushes body-shaming on her family. Mama Bear of the Berenstain Bears fame really went after her husband and children when she thought they were enjoying their food too much in The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Junk Food.

Maybe bear moms are just looking at the world from a different lens from human moms. A very judgmental, soul-crushing lens.