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Neil Patrick Harris Joined TikTok & Is Already Embarrassing His Kids

“I’m joining the TikTak!” Uh oh...

Neil Patrick Harris has had a good run of being cool to his kids. They’ve been game to be the stars of his social media feed, featured constantly on his Instagram page and, of course, take part in epic family Halloween costume photo shoots year after year. But that was before. Before the How I Met Your Mother actor decided to join TikTok or “the TikTak,” as he called it. He went a shade too far for his kids, who did not think it was all that legen.... wait for it... dary.

Harris introduced himself to TikTok with a video featuring his 13-year-old twins Gideon and Harper, who he shares with husband David Burtka. “Okay, are you guys excited?” he asked the irritated-looking teens. “Ugh, what are you doing now?” Gideon asked his dad, while daughter Harper simply said, “No.”

Harris, undeterred, went on to tell them, “I’m joining the TikTak!” Truly, he probably doesn’t know this because he’s new to being a teen parent but he’s skating a thin line with this behavior. It doesn’t get better. “TikTok!” he corrected while Gideon went back to his phone. “I’m going to have so many followers! I’m going to ramp up my riz!” This was too far for Gideon, who told his dad, “Never, ever say that again.”

Refusing to be deterred by the most chilling of all humans, a disdainful teen, Harris went on to refer to himself as a “snack,” at which point both children screamed, before adding that it was going to be “legen... wait for it,” perhaps in an effort to remind them that he is actually a famous actor with an iconic tagline and everything. They didn’t let him finish. “Yeah, dary, we know,” Gideon said as they walked away and Harris tried pulling off a TikTok dance.

Harris’ kids might not have been impressed, but his new TikTok followers were. “Do they even realise their Dad is NEIL PATRICK HARRIS,” wrote one, while another added. “My favorite is when celebrities, no matter how legendary, are still just dad to their kids.”

It’s perfectly possible that Harris thought his kids might react more positively since he and husband Burtka were just insisting last October that Gideon and Harper still like hanging out with their parents. “We keep being told that at a certain point, they’re going to hate us,” Harris joked to Entertainment Tonight. “That hasn't happened yet. So you know, so far, so good!”

That was then, this is now. And it looks like Neil Patrick Harris managed to kickstart his kids’ teen angst years by joining TikTok.