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Courtesy of Netflix

Take An Exclusive Look At The New Go, Dog. Go! Series Coming To Netflix

Get ready to introduce your kids to the "Barkapellas."

Do you know what January needs? A really cute new kids' show based on a well-loved children's book. Something sweet and colorful with surprisingly great music sung by the "Barkapellas." That's right, a musical dog group. If you think that sounds like exactly what you and your kids need to get through this long, dark month, then get ready to love this exclusive look at the Go, Dog. Go! series coming to Netflix on Jan. 26 with nine 22-minute episodes.

The beloved classic Go, Dog. Go! children's book was written and illustrated in 1961 by P.D. Eastman. It told the story of a group of incredibly sophisticated dogs who could do things like drive cars and things all with the same goal in mind — they just had to make it to that dog party. And that is exactly what this exclusive look at Go, Dog. Go! is focused on. A young pup named Tag Barker (voiced by Michaela Luci) bringing her new pal Scooch Pooch (Callum Shoniker) to a dog party in a tree with the rest of the dogs in Pawston. Including three cool dogs who serenade their adventures called the "Barkapella" who are sort of fantastic.

In the clip shared with Romper ahead of the premiere, the dogs are all trying to make it to that sweet dog party via boat when there ends up being a big boat traffic jam. But don't worry, nothing will stop these dogs from getting to that dog party in a tree.

Fortunately for Tag and Scooch, a blimp happens to be passing just above them and wouldn't you know there is a ladder for them to climb. Everyone is happy, there are inexplicably dogs playing tennis on top of the blimp, but then everything stops. There is a back up of blimps in the sky. Tag's mom is the blimp pilot who tries to encourage her to wait for the blimp to get moving, but instead they get off only to find themselves stuck on top of a mountain. They learn their lesson about patience and also appreciating all of the moments along the way instead of being mad about missing the party. All's well that ends well.

Go, Dog. Go! will be available to stream on Netflix on Jan. 26, and the winning combination of dogs and music and various vehicles is sure to please even the pickiest kid.