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It’s Official: More Seasons Of CoCoMelon Are Coming To Netflix

JJ and his friends are here to stay.

Toddlers around the world who love to sing along with nursery rhymes can rest easy, because Netflix has more CoComelon on the way. The streaming giant just ordered more seasons of the new CoComelon series based on the massively popular YouTube channel, so little ones have plenty more repetitive nursery rhymes to sing along with for the foreseeable future.

Netflix announced this week it had ordered three more seasons of CoComelon, as well as four specials of the series’ narrative spinoff CoComelon Lane, which follows little JJ getting into mild adventures with his family and friends as they sing fun songs together. CoComelon Lane will see the beloved characters from the 7-minute long CoComelon videos getting actual stories to go along with their songs. There will also be four one-hour song compilation episodes on Netflix featuring the characters singing popular nursery rhymes on repeat.

CoComelon has proven to be a hit with toddlers and their families all over the world, featuring in Netflix’s Top 10 streaming shows in 29 countries, according to The original CoComelon YouTube series sees an average of 2 billion visitors every month and has 115 million subscribers.

“With so many options available to kids and families, the popularity of Moonbug’s series on Netflix speaks volumes,” René Rechtman, co-founder of CoComelon production company Moonbug, said in a statement on July 13. “With original shows to fan-favorites like CoComelon and Little Baby Bum leading the charge, we want to give viewers even more opportunities to connect through their favorite characters, stories and nursery rhymes.”

‘CoComelon’ gets more seasons.

What is it about CoComelon that holds the attention of toddlers and babies so easily? "Infants, toddlers, and preschoolers find these programs attractive because they provide a multi-sensory experience that is engaging without being overwhelming," Nicole Buerkens, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist, explained to Romper. "Young children are drawn to the bright visuals — especially the focus on big eyes and faces — the repetitive music and sounds, and the constant movement and action on the screen."

New seasons of CoComelon and CoComelon Lane will begin in 2022, with no specific release date set as yet. For now, toddlers can watch episodes on repeat since, let’s face it, that’s what they love to do anyhow.