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Exclusive: A Brand New Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Episode Features A Snowstorm!

There's a snowstorm coming to the neighborhood!

Preschoolers rejoice: new episodes of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood will premiere next week on PBS Kids! Things will kick off on Monday, Jan. 10, with a special 22-minute episode called “The Neighborhood Snowstorm,” followed by additional new episodes airing Tuesday, Jan. 11 and Wednesday, Jan. 12.

Yes, Daniel, Katerina Kittycat, Miss Elaina, Prince Wednesday, Mom, Dad, Margaret, Trolley (#dingding), and all your child’s favorite neighborhood pals are back with new adventures, challenges, and, of course, musical life lessons that you will sing to your child every day until they’re embarrassed middle schoolers begging you to stop. (You won’t stop, though; you’ll just remind your child that if they feel real mad and they wanna roar, take a deep breath and count to four!)

While Tuesday and Wednesday’s upcoming episodes follow the standard “two story/one theme” format, “The Neighborhood Snowstorm” is one story that takes up the full episode. When Daniel and his friends have to leave school early because there’s a big snowstorm headed their way, Daniel feels a bit scared but learns, even when the unexpected occurs, the grown-ups in his life are there to take care of him!

In this exclusive clip Fred Rogers Productions shared with Romper, Daniel, Mom, and Margaret arrive home by Trolley to find Dad shoveling the walk. Daniel, of course, wants to play but the increasingly powerful snowstorm makes things a little bit scary...

Other lessons fans can look forward to learning next week include active listening and that even though sharing attention with a sibling can be difficult, parents always have time (and love) for everyone.

New episodes of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood will premiere on Monday, Jan. 10 on PBS Kids, with additional new episodes on Tuesday, Jan. 11 and Wednesday, Jan. 12.