Elmo & Charlie Puth Sing About Halloween Costumes In Catchy New Sesame Street Special

🎶 “It’s Howl-o-ween! We want to dress up with you! Woof woof! Woo woo!” 🎶

Celebrities of all ages always seem to get a genuine kick out of being invited to appear on Sesame Street, and Charlie Puth is no exception. The singer guest-starred on a new “Howl-o-ween” special available to stream for free on Sesame Street’s YouTube channel, and he was clearly having the time of his life singing along with Elmo and the gang. Especially since he was invited to help out with a Halloween costume fashion show to pick out the best costume for Elmo’s dog pal Tango. Talk about living the dream.

The “We Don’t Talk Anymore” singer arrived on the scene to find Elmo and Tango trying to decide what the dog should dress as for Halloween, and he immediately came in hot with his own opinion, telling Tango, “You can be anything you want for Halloween.” And then, of course, he launched into song. As Puth and other members of the Sesame Street gang explained in the song, “You can be silly, or spooky, a puppy can be anything on Halloween.”

Like a witch, for instance. Elmo, Tango, and Puth all floated in the sky alongside Abby Cadabby in pointy hats on brooms, although Elmo opted to be a sidekick to Tango by wearing a cat costume. Cookie Monster came in dressed as, you guessed it, a cookie. Puth joined in and dressed as an Oreo cookie, proving he has untold depths of versatility. Grover was a very flashy pirate, as was Puth and I think this was his favorite costume. Although everyone did eventually dress as a puppy in solidarity with Tango, so that was thoughtful.

The ironic thing about Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Grover dressing up for Halloween being that kids dress as Sesame Street characters themselves to go trick-or-treating. It’s all very meta.

Puth has actually been on Sesame Street before. Back in 2019 he performed the Sesame Street classic “Sing A Song” with Grover, Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby, and Elmo in a sweet skit that was honestly kind of emotional.

Sesame Street’s new Halloween special is available now on YouTube so that your kids can watch it over and over again every day until Oct. 31. And probably after because the song from the skit is actually incredibly catchy. Besides, who doesn’t want to see Charlie Puth dressing up as a cookie, a pirate, a witch, and a puppy alongside the muppets?