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'Sesame Street The Nutcracker' premieres on HBO Max.
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Sesame Street Puts A Furry Spin On The Nutcracker In New Holiday Special

Follow Elmo and Tango in a magical land to find the holiday spirit.

The classic story of The Nutcracker is being revamped in Sesame Street style that kids will surely enjoy! Premiering this holiday season on HBO Max, Sesame Street The Nutcracker stars the one and only Elmo on a musical adventure with his puppy Tango. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is the Sesame Street The Nutcracker about?

Unlike the E.T.A Hoffman classic (which Alexandre Dumas Père and Tchaikovsky adapted into the famous ballet), there’s no little girl who gets a magical nutcracker on Christmas Eve that comes to life. Instead in this holiday special, Elmo is determined to make it the best Christmas for his puppy Tango. During his family holiday party, Count Von Count arrives bearing gifts for everyone, including a wind-up rocket ship for Elmo and a cute nutcracker-shaped doggy toy for Tango.

After the party, Elmo and Tango fall asleep listening to Elmo’s dad, Louie, read The Nutcracker. The two drift into a dream world where their magical holiday begins.

“This special was a real labor of love for our team at Sesame over the past couple of years,” Olexa Hewryk, the vice president and head of animation of Sesame Workshop, tells Romper, “so we are thrilled to finally be sharing it with our audience just in time for the holidays, and to bring our unique Sesame interpretation to a classic story for kids today. It is full of holiday excitement, and it delivers a meaningful message about the importance of friendship and family.”

Sesame Street The Nutcracker stars Elmo and Tango. Sesame Street Workshop

Sesame Street The Nutcracker will feature a new song!

The holiday special also features a new song called “Best Christmas Ever,” which will make its debut at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this year by the Sesame Street cast.

“When you take a classic holiday story, pair it with beloved characters, add festive new music and a dash of furry fun, you’ve created a perennial favorite,” Hewryk said. “With its beautiful animation, engaging storytelling, and capture of what makes the holidays so special, we’re sure kids and families will be looking forward to Sesame Street The Nutcracker year after year.”

When will Sesame Street The Nutcracker premiere?

You can watch Sesame Street The Nutcracker on HBO Max starting on Dec. 1. The holiday special will then air on PBS next year.

As you wait for the special to premiere next month, kids and parents can enjoy the books Best Christmas Ever (Sesame Street) and Sesame Street: The Nutcracker about a mouse who takes Tango’s new Nutcracker toy and she and Elmo must go on an adventure through magical lands to get it back. The perfect appetizer to get you into the holiday spirit!