Olivia Munn is teaching son Malcolm to speak Mandarin.
Stefanie Keenan/WireImage/Getty Images

Olivia Munn Shares Sweet Video Of Her Teaching Son Malcolm To Speak Mandarin

Ali Wong sent her a Mandarin language book.

Olivia Munn’s 2-year-old son Malcolm is already learning to speak more than one language. The proud mom shared a video on Instagram of the sweet little boy learning how to say words in Mandarin with the help of a children’s book given to her by comedian and actress Ali Wong. And it’s just about the cutest video you’ll see today.

Munn took to Instagram to share a short video of her “Chinese lessons” with son Malcolm, who looked to be dressed in his pajamas and was happy to be taking part in his new language lessons. He repeats various words as his mother reads them, giggling with delight, and even leans in to go nose-to-nose during his lesson. He even continued to say “again” because he was having so much fun, prompting Munn to say to boyfriend Mulaney, “John, look at this.”

The proud mom captioned the adorable video, “Thank you @aliwong for our First 100 Mandarin Words book! Malcolm loves it!”

The big, colorful picture book, My First 100 Mandarin Words book, was given to her by fellow mom Ali Wong. It’s always nice to get something with a recommendation from another mom in the know.

Munn herself speaks more than one language, spending much of her childhood growing up in Tokyo, Japan with her Chinese mother and military stepfather. She learned to speak fluent Japanese as a child, but admitted that she needed a tutor to help bring it back after not speaking the language for some time. She spoke Mandarin and Vietnamese (her mother had lived in Vietnam) for the first five years of her life, but stopped after that. So perhaps she and little Malcolm can learn together.

Postpartum life with Malcolm has been a bit of a revelation to Munn, who described her feelings about it as being “so so happy and at the same time I’m struggling (weird to feel both simultaneously yet so grateful to have all the happiness to keep me afloat)” in a middle of the night Instagram post from 2022.

Now that little Malcolm is old enough to learn Mandarin, perhaps they can become study buddies together. This could change their dynamic completely, and if dad John Mulaney doesn’t learn along with them, they could even use it as a way to have secret conversations without him. How fun would that be?