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Paris Hilton Responds To Mom After Posting Video Of Son Wearing Life Jacket Backwards


by Kaitlin Kimont

Paris Hilton is quickly setting a refreshing new standard for handling comments from strangers on the internet. And that’s perhaps because her fans are clearly coming from a place of love, not judgement. Weeks after Hilton’s TikTok followers alerted her to a safety issue with her children’s car seats and then quickly fixed the problem, parents hopped into the comments of another video of her swimming with her son Phoenix, whose life jacket was on backwards.

“Adventures with Baby P 🐠,” Hilton captioned a new TikTok video of her splashing around in the water with 1-year-old Phoenix in her arms. In the video, Phoenix is giggling while wearing a bucket hat to block the sun and a blue infant puddle jumper life jacket. Moms quickly noticed, however, that his life jacket was on backwards.

“Double check the puddle jumper. I believe it’s on backward,” one commented, while another added, “The little life jacket is backwards, but you are an amazing mother!!!”

One mom commented, “So fun! Your puddle jumper is on backwards tho! Flip it!”

“[His] floaties are on backwards the clip goes in the back 🥰,” one more said, “but also happens to lots of new moms.”

Less than a day later, Hilton addressed moms’ concerns about Phoenix’s life jacket and responded to one comment. “Hey momma just a tip from another puddle jumper mom i think it’s on backwards. But i love this video pure joy,” the concerned mom wrote.

“Oops!” Hilton responded. “Thank you! I never let him out of my arms. thought it was backwards too, I said that to the person who I bought it from & they said it was on right. But thank you so much for letting me know. 🥰.”

Paris Hilton/ TikTok

Moms really loved how Hilton, who’s also mom to daughter London with husband Carter Reum, handled all the comments. Not only that she didn’t ignore them, as she easily could have done, but how she honestly responded and even thanked them for the heads up.

“I absolutely love how you listen and take other mom’s advice instead on getting pissed off!!!” one commented. “I’m a new fan of yours and you are a great mom! ❤️

“You are a great mom,” another said. “Learning is part of being a great mom! You are doing nothing wrong!”

“We have ALL been first time moms and even EXPERIENCED moms aren’t perfect!” one more chimed in. “It happens! Clearly the child is safe and happy and that’s all that matters!!”

No matter how rich and famous you are, raising a child does take a village. And sometimes that village can be found in caring strangers online.