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Romper has an exclusive clip of 'Rosie's Rules.'
PBS Kids/YouTube

Watch An Exclusive Sneak Peek At PBS Kids’ New Bilingual Preschool Series Rosie’s Rules!

This new bilingual series is a winning combo of education, entertainment, and exploration of identity.

There’s a brand new fantastic preschool comedy series coming to a TV or screen near you, and it’s definitely one to watch and celebrate diverse families. Produced by 9 Story Media Group and Brown Bag Films, Rosie’s Rules follows the adventures of Rosie Fuentes, a curious 5-year-old girl living in suburban Texas. This Latina-led show portrays the loving dynamic of a Mexican-American family and aims to boost your kid’s school curriculum by teaching children concrete social studies lessons about how a community works. The goal is to help budding little civilians develop their awareness of themselves as individuals and as part of a larger society. Also, the show’s main character is absolutely the cutest.

As Rosie discovers the world beyond her close-knit family, the feel-good show also schools the audience in a winning mix of Mexican, Southwestern, and Midwestern art, traditions, food, and music. In Romper’s exclusive clip from this colorful 2D animated series coming to PBS Kids, everyone in the family is psyched when Uncle Steve comes for a surprise visit sporting his rockin’ goatee.

“Sorpresa,” exclaims Rosie’s cool aunt, Tia Margarita.

Our sweet little protagonist is at first a little confused to learn that her very own mother is also someone’s sister, in addition to being a parent. It’s a sweet moment that captures the awe of a little kid who actually can’t imagine that a mom is allowed to be anything else but a mom. “Well that’s new information,” the precocious protagonist announces as she soaks in some charming lessons on genealogy and identity.

“People can be more than one thing in a family,” Rosie’s mom explains. “And guess what? You’re more than one thing too,” she continues.“You’re a sister and a funny, sweet, silly daughter.”

“And a super awesome niece,” adds Uncle Steve.

“And the best cousin,” chimes in Rosie’s adorable primo.

As Rosie begins to understand the many facets to who she is, it’s of course time to cue up an awesome song! “I am more than one thing in my family,” Rosie sings the self-esteem boosting lyrics. “It makes me happy, it makes me: me. I am more than one thing in my family. There are so many things I can be.” The only thing sweeter than the music might be Rosie’s turquoise shortalls with pink starfish embellishment.

Check out Romper’s exclusive clip below!

Rosie’s Rules really achieves that delicate balance of a quality TV show that’s both entertaining and educational. Parents can feel good about screen time that explores a character’s multicultural identity and understands that representation matters. This new series is a great way to honor Hispanic heritage and follow along on a wonder-filled ride with one hilarious and relatable little girl.

Rosie’s Rules premieres on Oct. 3 on PBS Kids.