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20 Of The Best Photos Of The Royal Family Enjoying The Great Outdoors

The royals love a good hike.

If you’re all about the glamour of the royal family, you might be disappointed to hear that they seem to prefer being a bit more rugged. Mucking about outdoors, wearing their casual gear, hiking or riding horses or fishing. This is where the royal family tends to look their happiest. Whenever any member of Queen Elizabeth’s big clan are outdoors, their smiles shine brighter. Their shoulders look more relaxed. They are, in short, in their element.

It all goes back to the early days of Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip, a well-respected conservationist long before it was in vogue to be a conservationist. The Duke of Edinburgh was also a man who was devoted to promoting outdoor activities in his work as the Queen’s Consort, and that work transitioned to his home life. The royal couple raised their four children with a healthy love of being outdoors in the fresh air, whether that meant hiking around the grounds of their Scottish home of Balmoral, riding horses (as Queen Elizabeth has continued to do into her ‘90s), or simply enjoying a family picnic, this is one family who loves to be outside.

And that’s saying something because their indoor spaces are generally castles.

Honeymoon Hike

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Prince Philip and then-Princess Elizabeth went on a romantic honeymoon hike in Hampshire in 1947. They even looked a bit dressed up for the occasion.

Family Dining Al Fresco

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After the birth of Princess Anne in 1950 made them parents of two, the family enjoyed a little picnic on the grounds of Balmoral. Prince Charles looks to be wondering when the food will arrive, and I can’t blame him.

Her Ride Or Die

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In 1959, Princess Margaret joined Queen Elizabeth for a morning ride in Badminton Park.

Swinging With Dad

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Prince Charles and Princess Anne get a big push on the swing from dad Prince Philip in 1955. The family dog only has eyes for the queen.

Prince Of Tides

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Prince Charles was all grown up and finding his own way to enjoy the outdoors in Australia in 1982. A swim in the ocean.

A New Face Outside

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Princess Diana certainly looked the part of an outdoorsy royal when she joined fiance Prince Charles at Balmoral in 1981. That outfit is the best yet.

Two Boys & A Pony

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Little Prince Harry leads the way for Prince William as he rides his pony on the grounds of Highgrove in 1986. Look at that proud mom.

Down By The River

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Prince Harry looked to be having the time of his life playing in the river at Balmoral in 1987. Maybe because his mom was there with him.

Riding With A King

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Prince Harry got a ride on the back of Prince Charles’s bike on the grounds of Sandringham in 1990.

The Gangs All Here

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Prince Charles took his two sons out for a hike around the family estate of Balmoral. And they were the picture of good health.

Having A Ball At College

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Prince William kicked a rugby ball on the beach near St. Andrew’s College in Scotland when he first attended the school in 2002.

Finding His Place In Africa

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Prince Harry helped water the gardens with a little friend during a walk in Lesotho in 2004.

Boots On The Ground

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Kate Middleton joined the royal family in 2011, and she immediately fit right into their outdoorsy attitude. Look at the boots she wore during a visit to Bhutan with Prince William. Amazing boots for walking if I ever saw them.

Those Boots Were Made For Walking

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In April 2021, Kate Middleton helped herself to a sheep to walk and a little royal fan loved it.

Who Cares About Getting Wet?

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Camilla Parker-Bowles was the picture of happiness on a rainy walk in Balmoral in 2019.

Forest Bathing

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In 2018 Prince Harry and his new wife Meghan Markle enjoyed a little forest bathing during a visit to New Zealand.

Safety First


Perhaps the most outdoorsy of them all, Kate Middleton looks perfectly at home riding a bike in September 2021.

Her Mother’s Daughter

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Princess Charlotte was having the best time playing soccer in 2019. She looked just like mom Kate Middleton.

Prince George Blending In

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Prince George is so outdoorsy, he blends right into his surroundings with his camouflage shorts and green shirt.

The Family Who Hikes Together

In May 2021, Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary by heading out for a hike with their three kids. And little 3-year-old Prince Louis was quite the charmer.