Prince Harry Dressed As Spider-Man To Remind Grieving Kids It’s OK To Have Fun

“You’re allowed to have the best time ever.”

Prince Harry knows all too well what it’s like to lose a parent and all of the nuanced emotions that go along with that. Perhaps especially over the holidays. And so he is going out of his way this Christmas to comfort other kids who might be feeling conflicted about the holidays themselves after the loss of their own parent. So much so that the Duke of Sussex dressed up as Spider-Man to remind kids that “our parents always want us to have fun,” and it’s just about the sweetest thing you’ll see today.

In his ongoing support of Scotty’s Soldiers, the U.K.-based charity working to help children who have lost a parent in military service, Prince Harry went the extra mile for Christmas. He dressed up as Spider-Man himself while delivering an incredibly heartfelt message about the holidays in time for their annual Christmas party. After reminding the kids to enjoy the holiday party, Spider-Man/Prince Harry said, “At the same time, Christmas is a time when we miss our loved ones really, really bad. And that’s OK.”

The dad of two acknowledged that sometimes it’s possible to feel guilty about having fun without their parents. “But I’m here to assure you that our parents always want us to have fun, OK?” he added. “So don’t feel guilty. You’re allowed to have the best time ever.”

He ended the video by lifting his mask, smiling and saying “Merry Christmas.”

Some of Scotty’s Little Soldiers shared their appreciation for Prince Harry’s messages, particularly as he is someone who knows what it’s like to lose a parent at a young age. “It’s cool that someone who’s been through the same experience as us is thinking about us,” 12-year-old Emily Reynolds, who lost her dad when she was 7 years old, said. “He’s not just someone who’s trying to be sympathetic, he actually knows what it’s like to grow up without your parent. My friends think it’s really cool that I get letters and messages from Prince Harry.”

This is not the first time Prince Harry has reached out to young children who are grieving the loss of a parent by sharing his own painful experience of losing his beloved mother Princess Diana when he was just 12 years old. On Remembrance Day, Prince Harry wrote to Scotty’s Little Soldiers about the bond he shares with them while also reminding them that “while difficult feelings will come up today as we pay tribute to our heroes like your mum or dad, I hope you can find comfort and strength in knowing that their love for you lives and shines on.”

Dressing as Spider-Man was a lovely touch, but I suspect Prince Harry is considered something of a superhero in his own right by grieving kids who just want someone to understand them.