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The Crown Recreated Some Of Princess Diana's Most Iconic Looks

Tune in for the drama, stay for the iconic outfits.

This is the season we've all been waiting for. Watching the story of the Princess of Wales unfold in Season 4 of The Crown. The drama, the romance, the fashion. Oh my yes, the fashion. Princess Diana's outfits in The Crown are so amazingly faithful to the originals, you'll be gobsmacked. That's right, gobsmacked.

The first three seasons of The Crown followed the royal house of Windsor; the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, a few whispers of scandals with her younger sister, Princess Margaret. Politics, romance, it really ran the gamut. But that was all before what some might consider the A story line; when Lady Diana Spencer married heir to the throne Prince Charles and arguably changed the way the world looked at the royal family forever.

Princess Diana became a super star, a fashion icon who took some big swings; some that landed and others that didn't exactly get rave reviews. Regardless of whether people liked her outfit or not, they were certainly paying attention. Even before she married 30-year-old Prince Charles as a 21-year-old blushing bride in 1981. When she was a part-time nursery school teacher wearing cords and cardigans. People paid attention to what she wore.

And will continue to pay attention on The Crown.

Buckingham Palace Needed Some Gingham

Princess Diana

One scene from Season 4 of The Crown sees Princess Diana, played by Emma Corrin, rollerskating through the halls of Buckingham Palace in a pink v-neck sweater and pink and white gingham pants. This was an actual outfit Princess Diana wore at Highgrove Estate in 1985, although the roller skates were not included.

Lady Diana In Red

Lady Diana In

She was still Lady Diana when she wore a similar red spaghetti-strapped ballgown to meet Rudolph Nuryev at the Royal Opera House in June 1981. No tiara, same sweet smile.

Dancing Cheek-to-Cheek

Princess Diana wears a blue

The royal couple shared a romantic dance when they visited Sydney Australia and attended a gala dinner/dance together in 1983, with Princess Diana wearing a filmy blue gown by Bruce Oldfield much like the one featured in The Crown.

A Royal Engagement

Princess Diana's engagement photos were perfectly

Prince Charles and Princess Diana's official royal engagement photo was perfectly emulated on The Crown, right down to her neck tie blouse and bright blue blazer. Josh O'Connor as Prince Charles nails the look too.

Yellow Overalls. Yes Really.

Princess Diana really wore yellow

You might not believe this, but Princess Diana really did wear yellow overalls with a blouse to one of Prince Charles' polo matches as his fiancee in 1981, just like the ones in The Crown. And this is why we love her.

Happy Family Down Under

Princess Diana went on tour with her husband and baby

The Crown perfectly captured Princess Diana's pale blue day dress from her Australian tour with Prince Charles and baby boy Prince William in 1983. So sweet and happy as a little family of three.

Oh That Wedding Dress

Princess Diana's wedding dress was perfectly captured on 'The Crown.'

Who would have thought The Crown could recreate Princess Diana's iconic wedding dress from 1981, designed by British design team David and Elizabeth Emmanuel? Those sleeves, that sweetheart neckline, and let's not forget that 25 foot train. It was definitely a dramatic look.

Who Doesn't Love A Bold Chunky Sweater?

Princess Diana loved a chunky

There appears to be a nice intimate moment going on between Princess Diana and Prince Charles in this scene in The Crown, and her blue, patterned chunky sweater is certainly reminiscent of a similar look the expectant mom wore in 1982 when pregnant for Prince William.

Embracing A Red Power Suit

Princess Diana looked great in a red power

Never one to shy away from color, Princess Diana's love of a red power suit was featured on The Crown.

Rubber Boots In Scotland

Princess Diana got into the whole nature

It's no secret that the royal family loves being in the Scottish countryside, and Princess Diana knew how to look the part during an engagement photo shoot in 1981. The colors were more muted on The Crown, but the rubber boots remained the same.

Buttery Yellow Was Her Color

Princess Diana pulled off a yellow

Not everyone can pull off a pale yellow, but both The Crown's Emma Corrin and the real life Princess Diana looked effortless and fresh in pale yellow suits. Also shoulder pads.

Every Shade Of Blue

Princess Diana wears a blue lace

Princess Diana's love of blue, especially in her first years of marriage to Prince Charles, are well-documented on The Crown. This outfit featuring a blue lace hat was almost identical to one she wore on a tour of New Zealand in 1983.

Sweater Vested Interests

Princess Diana loved sweater vests as a kindergarten

Back when she was still a kindergarten teacher, Lady Diana Spencer favored sweater vests like the one seen in The Crown.

A Trail Blazer

Princess Diana knew how to work those shoulders in a

Throughout her life, Princess Diana favored blazers of all kinds. She knew she had some good shoulders I guess.

Giving The Cold Shoulder

Princess Diana enjoyed a one-shoulder

Perhaps because of those good shoulders, Princess Diana was seen wearing one-shouldered gowns like this one seen in The Crown more than once.

Two Peas In A Pod

Princess Diana wears a

Princess Diana didn't invent the casual look of a navy pea coat over a v-neck sweater and blouse, but she did sort of perfect it. In real life and on The Crown.

Purple Reign

Princess Diana was a fan of

This strapless purple dress featured on The Crown was a bit of a combination; Princess Diana did wear purple gowns several times, and she also wore a pale blue strapless gown with a matching wrap in 1989. So they captured the best of all worlds.

The life of Princess Diana was more than fashion, of course. She was a mother, a friend, a philanthropist, and a much-loved member of the royal family. All of this will play out on The Crown.

But let's face it; the fashion is what really draws us. That and the drama.