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'Pupstruction' is a new series coming to Disney.

Watch This Exclusive Clip From Disney’s Adorable New Kids’ Series Pupstruction

Pupstruction follows a working construction crew of cute puppies.

Puppies? Check. Construction tools? Check. A goldfish as the mayor with a sense of humor who loves everything purple? Double check. That’s what you can expect from Disney’s new animated series Pupstruction premiering on June 14 and Romper has an exclusive sneak peek!

Pupstruction centers around an all-dog construction company keeping things running in the town of Petsburg, which is overseen by Mayor Gilmore (voiced by the hilarious Yvette Nicole Brown) from her fish bowl. The youngest of the puppies, a cute corgi named Phinny is a little guy with big construction ideas. Which makes sense since the company was founded by Phinny’s grandmother (voiced by Olga Merediz) and passed down to Phinny’s mom. Now he is getting set up to find his own way as a leader.

Romper’s exclusive first clip sees Mayor Gilmore, bound to be a fan favorite, asking the puppies to build a bridge to the local school so the kids can get to class the next day. She specifically asks them to build it in purple as it’s her favorite color. The puppies assemble and we meet Phinny along with Luna, a comically spontaneous sheepdog, Roxy, a can-do rottweiler; and Tank, a lovable, snack-obsessed mastiff.

Pupstruction might be focused on a construction company run by puppies, but Petsburg is actually a diverse community filled with all different sorts of animals. And all these puppies want is to work for that community to keep it thriving using their very specific blend of “mud, sweat, drool, and plenty of heart to build and create” according to the show’s official synopsis.

Along with watching the puppies build things like bridges, the series is meant to be very music-driven and specifically geared to kids aged 2 to 7 years old, with two 11-minute stories in each episode teaching team work, family, community, and the importance of imaginative play.

Luna, Phinny, Tank, and Roxy in Disney’s new animated series Pupstruction. Disney

Pupstruction premieres this week on Wednesday, June 14 on the Disney Channel and Disney Junior at 8 a.m. EST. A first batch of episodes will also premiere the same day on on-demand platforms and Disney+. Grab a snack in honor of snack-obsessed Tank and sit down with the kids to check it out.