Princess Margaret and Queen Elizabeth were always close.
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20 Photos Of Queen Elizabeth With Her Best Friend, Her Younger Sister Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret was the ying to Queen Elizabeth’s yang.

When the Prince of Wales abdicated the throne to marry Wallis Simpson in 1936, his decision forever changed two sisters. The princesses of York, 10-year-old Princess Elizabeth and 6-year-old Princess Margaret, who, until that point, had been raised without the concern that their father would become king or eldest sister Elizabeth would one day be queen.

Until then, the two princesses were raised very much alike, royal biographer Andrew Morton told Vogue. They were dressed alike and educated the same way, almost like little twins even though they were four years apart. Instead of being thought of as the classic “heir and the spare” from birth, they were just sisters. Best friends. Two peas in a pod. And until Princess Margaret’s death in 2002, it seems very little changed. The two sisters remained incredibly close throughout their lives, despite their very different personalities. Queen Elizabeth is considered more of an introvert, duty-bound in all things to the monarchy, while Princess Margaret was considered an extrovert. Something of a rebel.

As their father King George VI once said of his daughters, “Lilibet [his nickname for Elizabeth] is my pride, and Margaret is my joy.” Each one complementing the other in her own way.

Loving That Big Sister Role

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The birth of Princess Margaret made little Princess Elizabeth a big sister, and she clearly took to her role from day one.

Just Two Princesses In Cute Coats

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In 1934, life was still pretty simple for the two daughters of the Duke and Duchess of York. Little Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret were just two cute kids in adorable coats with matching hairstyles.

“We Four”

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Before they became the heads of the monarchy, the York family was simply “we four,” according to the Duke of York.

The Year It All Changed

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The two sisters were still dressed the same in 1936, still having a great time together feeding biscuits to their dogs. But of course, everything else had changed.

Side By Side

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During World War II, Princess Elizabeth delivered her first radio broadcast to the children living in the United Kingdom. As her voice brought comfort to those children in 1940, her sister’s presence brought comfort to her.

The End Of The War

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In 1945, Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret celebrated the end of World War II along with the rest of the world.

Similar Sense Of Style

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In 1948, the two princesses were single women with their whole lives ahead of them. And a shockingly similar sense of style.

A New Man In Town

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Prince Philip joined the royal family when he married Princess Elizabeth in 1947, which must have felt strange for Princess Margaret.

A Royal Aunt

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More members of the family were added when Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip welcomed their children, and Princess Margaret looked delighted with Princess Anne in 1951.

At The Queen’s Side

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After their father’s death in 1952, Princess Margaret’s sister became Queen Elizabeth. But it didn’t look like this change stopped them from having fun at the theater together.

Always Up For A Laugh

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Queen Elizabeth might have been taking the horse trials seriously in 1966, but Princess Margaret was ready to have some fun.

Back In The Saddle

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Princess Margaret married Anthony Armstrong-Jones, the Earl of Snowden, in 1960, and Queen Elizabeth was settling into her new role as head of the monarchy. But they still found time to hang out at the Badminton horse trials together. Just like old times.

Girls’ Getaway

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In 1977, Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret had six children between them and loads of royal responsibilities. So a little getaway to the island of Mustique, where Princess Margaret had built a home, made perfect sense.

Her Constant Companion

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By 1984, Queen Elizabeth was a grandmother of three and Princess Margaret had gone through a very public divorce. But they were still best in each other’s company.

Christmas At Sandringham

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Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret looked like they were full of Christmas spirit at Sandringham. I feel like the royal purple coat and fur are sort of perfect representations.

Out For A Joy Ride

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Princess Margaret and Queen Elizabeth looked cozy in their carriage in 1993.

A Night On The Town

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The royal sisters got dressed up for a night at the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Still Laughing After All These Years

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Queen Elizabeth was cracking Princess Margaret up at Royal Ascot in 1996.

Always Close By


Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret were on hand to celebrate their mother’s 97th birthday in 1997.

One Last Dance

The three royal women have a chat.

Princess Margaret, an avid fan of the ballet, attended one last show in 2000 with her mother and her sister. She died in 2002, and Queen Elizabeth was said to be devastated. After a lifetime together, who could blame her?