Alex and Henry share a romantic moment in an art gallery.
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Red, White, & Royal Blue Is The Gay Rom-Com We Deserve This Summer

(The trailer has us royally excited!)

If you are someone who follows BookTok, you already know all about the highly popular 2019 LGBTQ+ romance novel Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston. Now Prince Henry and Alex Clarement-Diaz are taking their love story to the screen, and judging from the first trailer for Red, White, & Royal Blue on Prime Video, it’s gonna be good. (Also you should know that Uma Thurman plays President Ellen Claremont. So, already no notes, 10/10, perfect film, will watch.)

For people who have not read the book, Red, White, & Royal Blue follows the American president’s son, super-ambitious Alex Claremont-Diaz (Taylor Zakhar Perez), who heads to the United Kingdom to attend a royal wedding. Unfortunately an epic (and absurd) altercation with Prince Henry (Nicholas Galitzine), the Prince of Wales himself, embroils the pair in an international incident (cheekily dubbed “the Buttercream Summit.” As Ellen is planning to run for re-election, she tasks her son with damage control and invites Prince Henry to America for a diplomatic visit. The two continue to fight even as they pretend to be Instagram friends, until all of that pretending leads to Prince Henry kissing Alex. The two men fall in love while both grappling with all the things that are pulling them apart. Prince Henry (who looks, it should be said, quite a bit like Prince William as a younger man) worries about his duty to the crown, while Alex worries about his mother’s political career and his own ambitions. Staying together means changing history... and maybe that’s exactly what’s needed.

The trailer is full of humor and fun supporting cast moments and warmth and Uma Thurman, who I believe I’ve already mentioned.

Nicholas Galitzine told People that it has been an amazing experience bringing these beloved characters to life. “The incredible thing about the project is that I've never been involved with something that has this built-in fan base straight from the beginning,” Galitzine told the outlet. “The amount of support that Taylor Zakhar Perez and I received from the outset has just been overwhelming. So that's a really cool thing.”

Certainly the trailer is already a hit with Red, White, & Royal Blue fans on social media, with one fan tweeting the line, “‘i’ll brexit your head from your body’ has already sold me the whole movie,” and another adding, “I screamed, cried, and happy danced from 0:00 to 2:11.”

Red, White, & Royal Blue premieres on Amazon Prime Video on Aug. 11, 2023.