Rumer Willis is embracing her postpartum curves.
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Rumer Willis Shares Appreciation For Her Changing Postpartum Body With New Bikini Pic

“Leaning in to my mama curves in the jungle.”

Rumer Willis is “leaning into” her postpartum curves. In a new Instagram post, the mom of one shared a several new photos from her vacation, and took the opportunity to impart a powerful message about embracing her changing body after giving birth.

Willis recently celebrated her daughter Louetta’s first birthday with partner Derek Richard Thomas, and life is looking pretty rosy for the mom of one. She has a “tiny tender daughter,” as she called Louetta in her birthday tribute. A family who loves her, including dad Bruce Willis, and her “kooky tribe of women,” mom Demi Moore along with sisters Tallulah and Scout Willis. And now, she’s celebrating her postpartum curves.

Willis took to Instagram to share a series of photos in a bikini top, pareo, and sunglasses while on vacation, along with an empowering message of self love. “Leaning in to my mama curves in the jungle,” Willis wrote. “It’s been a journey of continuous curiosity and growth to see how much room and acceptance I can give my body as it continues to shift and transform after birthing a little human.”

The House Bunny actress went on to add that she hopes to model self-acceptance and love for her daughter. “I hope to continue feeling in my loving of myself in all the many shapes and sizes it will come in so I can show my daughter what unconditional self love and acceptance looks like.”

Willis’ message of self love is an important one, especially for other moms who might feel as though they’ve lost a bit of themselves while caring for their baby. And certainly Willis has been very focused on her daughter, even attempting to go diaper-free with Louetta since she was just eight months old. The mom of one was using “elimination communication” along with her partner to try to potty train Louetta as a baby, following her daughter’s non-verbal cues to figure out when she needed to poop or pee. Willis told People at the time that she found the experience “incredible. It's so validating,” going on to add, “We got a little potty. Derek even has a little potty song he plays for her.”

New babies take a lot of attention and focus, and so it’s really lovely to see a new mom like Rumer Willis take a moment to appreciate her body and all that it has done in the past year. Because it really is something of a miracle.