Scott Wolf and Lacey Chabert are reuniting for a Christmas movie.
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Scott Wolf & Lacey Chabert Reunite To Play Siblings In New Hallmark Christmas Movie

The former Party Of 5 co-stars will play siblings at a crossroads in A Merry Scottish Christmas.

It’s been 23 years since Party of Five, the series about five siblings who were left to essentially raise each other after both of their parents died, ended. That’s a whole adult’s worth of time since fans saw the universally gorgeous Sallinger siblings laugh and cry (but mostly cry) together. And now, two of them are reuniting for a very important reason. A Hallmark Christmas movie. Scott Wolf and Lacey Chabert, who played brother and sister Bailey and Claudia Sallinger, are set to star in A Merry Scottish Christmas this year. And we couldn’t be more excited.

Hallmark fans are already well acquainted with Chabert, as she has grown up to be the unofficial queen of Hallmark Christmas movies. Wolf also moved on from Party of Five to star in shows like Nancy Drew, The Night Shift, and a variety of Hallmark Christmas movies himself. In a way, it’s sort of shocking that they haven’t reunited before now. Which makes this movie, where they play adult siblings, extra special.

“Scott and I have talked for years about doing another project together,” Chabert said in a statement about A Merry Scottish Christmas, per People. “When we first read this story about these siblings at a crossroads, we both knew it was the perfect opportunity.” For his part, Wolf added, “Working with Lacey on Party of Five was one of my favorite experiences ever. Reuniting after all of these years to tell such a beautiful story together is a dream that I’m so glad is coming true.”

According to a Hallmark press release, A Merry Scottish Christmas sees Chabert and Wolf playing estranged siblings Lindsay and Brad, who end up traveling to Scotland to spend Christmas with their mom. When they get there a big family secret is revealed. The movie will premiere later this year as part of the annual Countdown To Christmas event on the Hallmark Channel.

“We are so excited to reunite Lacey and Scott and know our viewers will fall in love with this movie,” Lisa Hamilton Daly, the Executive Vice President of Programming at Hallmark Media, said in a statement. “The nostalgia of seeing Lacey and Scott together again on screen is going to be a special holiday treat for our viewers.”

Chabert and Wolf are certainly not the only members of the fictional Sallinger family to find lasting fame. Scream’s Neve Campbell played their sister Julia, while Lost’s Matthew Fox was their older brother Charlie.

Now if we can just get a full Party of Five reunion filmed, all will be right with the world.