Tyler Baltierra is heading to OnlyFans.
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Teen Mom's Tyler Baltierra Has Joined OnlyFans, Thanks To His Wife Catelynn

“Y’all we aren’t doing anything sexual on onlyfans lmaooo!!! Please we got kids!”

Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra has a new venture in his life, thanks to his wife Catelynn Lowell. The dad of three announced on his Instagram Story earlier this week that he is now on the popular adult social forum OnlyFans. But don’t worry, he’s apparently keeping it PG-rated and his wife is running the whole show.

“To be completely fair, I’m NOT doing porn at all!” Baltierra, who has been married to Lowell since 2015, wrote on his Instagram Story on Wednesday, per People. “Cate is just sharing the stuff that I personally send to her lol! There’s no sex involved or even videos on the page she’s running.”

“I didn’t go to a porn production company, hire adult film stars & crew, have sex on camera, pretend that it was some ‘leaked’ personal footage, or make genital molds to sell,” he added. “Cate is being completely transparent & honest about it all. It’s just a wife sharing photos of her husband, that’s literally it!”

Lowell has been encouraging her husband to go on OnlyFans since at least last December, when she told E! News, “I’m trying to get him to sign up for OnlyFans. Boy, we could be racking in some dough. We’ll never have to work a day in our lives.”

It looks like she finally managed to convince him.

Lowell, who shares 7-year-old daughter Novalee, 3-year-old daughter Vaeda, and 1-year-old daughter Rya with Baltierra, confirmed her husband’s OnlyFans news on Instagram. “Y’all we aren’t doing anything sexual on onlyfans lmaooo!!! Please we got kids! I would never lol but if you want to see what we are posting then click the link!”

Baltierra, who also welcomed 13-year-old daughter Carly with Lowell before she was privately adopted in 2009, has been sharing his body transformation on social media since early 2022. And Lowell has long supported the idea of him sharing even more on OnlyFans. “Boy, he looked good let me tell you,” she told E! News in December. “But I tell him all the time, 'You need to sign up for OnlyFans, man. You'd be making some big bucks with that.’”

Whether or not Baltierra does make some big bucks with his brand new OnlyFans page remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain. His wife has totally co-signed.