This Baby Yoda Hot Chocolate Bomb Hides A Sweet Holiday Surprise

Omg, hot chocolate has never been this adorable

It feels safe to say that 2020 hasn't brought us many true delights. For the most part, it's been nightmare upon nightmare and most people are probably just going to be happy to see the back end of it. While it might feel impossible to imagine that anything positive came over the past year or so, one bright light has shone on us all. The Child from The Mandalorian and the many, many adorable products available therein. Like this Baby Yoda hot chocolate bomb that is selling out all over the place. It will not solve all of the problems from 2020 but it will certainly give you a little smile and honestly, what more can you ask from Baby Yoda? He is just a baby after all.

Hot cocoa bombs have been exploding all over the internet in recent months, pun intentional. Costco got the ball rolling by selling 16-packs of hot cocoa bombs stuffed with marshmallows that became hugely popular with Tik Tokers. Just add boiling water to the hot cocoa bomb and voila, marshmallows suddenly appear.

Naturally, the geniuses at Galerie took it to the next level. Instead of just seeing regular, run of the mill marshmallows when hot water is poured on The Mandalorian: The Child Holiday Milk Chocolate with Marshmallow, this sweet treat reveals a little green Baby Yoda staring up at you. Vaguely morbid, yes, but delicious and delightful.

Baby Yoday hot chocolate bombs are charming the internet.

Now, these special treats are tough to track down and pricey, with a price tag around the $20 mark on Amazon. They've also been selling out pretty quickly and that probably won't change as the weather continues to get colder and the holiday season gets underway.

Fortunately for all of you Baby Yoda lovers, there are a whole host of other products to dig into if you are looking to satisfy your love of the adorable little creature this holiday season. There's a Baby Yoda Advent calendar made by Needzo filled with chocolates to help count down the days until Christmas. If you want more of a do-it-yourself vibe, there's a Baby Yoda/Darth Vader mold for chocolates or ice cubes.

And of course, there are any number of novelty t-shirts, mugs, hats, and toys to be purchased in deference to the one true delight from 2020 that we can all agree on; Baby Yoda.

Which begs the question; does Baby Yoda celebrate Christmas, or does Christmas celebrate Baby Yoda?