Tig Notaro's kids didn't know their parents were gay.
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Tig Notaro Was “Stunned” To Find Out Her Sons Didn’t Know Their Parents Were Gay

“How on earth do our kids not know we’re gay?”

Comedian Tig Notaro has been married to wife Stephanie Allynne since October 2015, and the couple are parents to 7-year-old twin sons Max and Finn. Who apparently never really made the connection that their parents are gay. Notaro spoke to Stephen Colbert on The Late Show on Wednesday about how her family is celebrating Pride Month, and the Tig star admitted it’s been “a little weird” as her sons didn’t know she and her wife are gay.

“Pride month, I’ll be honest, it’s been a little weird. My wife and I found out recently that our sons didn’t know we were gay. They will be 8 this month,” Notaro told Colbert on Wednesday’s episode of The Late Show. The stand-up comedian went on to share how the conversation went down. “Their school is six minutes away from our house, and at minute three we were in the front seat of the car talking about something about gay. Our son Finn leans forward and says, ‘You’re gay?’”

The 53-year-old mom of two explained that she was “so stunned,” especially since they’ve been “living together for seven years, and I’ve been gay the whole time. Even prior! And will continue!”

Recovering from her shock quickly, Notaro shared that with just three minutes left before arriving at school, “I start explaining what gay is. And then while I was explaining it, I started getting insecure, thinking, what if he doesn’t like this?” No worries there. When asked what he thought about it all, Finn responded, “Oh, I love my family.”

“We drop them off at school and we’re like, ‘Bye!’ and we truly drove off going like half-a-mile-an-hour, like, ‘How on earth do our kids not know we’re gay?’ Because, dare I say, we’re also an iconic gay couple,” she says.

“I realized that even though there’s pictures of our wedding day and they know they have two moms, that doesn’t mean they know what gay is.” And once they heard what it meant, they were completely unconcerned. Because, as Finn so perfectly put it, he loves his family.

Although that being said, neither Max nor Finn is above heckling Notaro’s comedy. “I’m that person that is, like, a hack in the house. But they know I do stand-up, and when they see me or anything I’m on TV or streaming services, they refer to me as Tig Notaro,” the mom of two told Kelly Ripa in March, per People. “So they’ll see me and say, ‘Oh, there’s Tig Notaro. There’s Tig Notaro. There’s Tig Notaro.’ They just scroll right past.”

Hey, no one can have it all, right?