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Tori Spelling Says Her 7-Year-Old Son Stares At Her & Talks To Her While She's Pooping

“Is that co-dependent?”

Tori Spelling has been dealing with bathroom issues for 18 years. As in, her kids (and her ex-husband Dean McDermott) have a habit of not giving her a little privacy when she wants to go to the bathroom. Her 7-year-old son Beau in particular, who Spelling recently shared watches her and talks to her while she poops.

The mom of five spoke about her son Beau’s chatty bathroom habit on a recent episode of her misSPELLING podcast, where she admitted that McDermott, who she separated from earlier this year after 18 years of marriage, used to stand with her while she went to the bathroom. Now, that habit has been passed down to her children. “I still don't poop alone,” she explained on her podcast, after sharing that she hasn’t “pooped [or] peed alone in 18 years.”

While her older children, 17-year-old Liam, 15-year-old Stella, 12-year-old Hattie, and 11-year-old Finn, don’t appear to be culprits of talking to their mom while she’s pooping, son Beau is still a fan. “Beau still stands there and stares and talks to me while I’m pooping.” The former Beverly Hills 90210 star admitted that she might be part of the problem. “I think I function better with people,” she said before asking, “Is that co-dependent?” The answer she gave herself? “Yes. Cool.”

Spelling is by no means the first celebrity parent to share that their child merrily joins them in the bathroom while they’re pooping. Bradley Cooper told Dax Shepard during a March interview on his Armchair Expert podcast that his 7-year-old daughter Lea also watches her father poop. To be fair, he only admitted this after Shepard said his two daughters, 11-year-old Delta and 9-year-old Lincoln with wife Kristen Bell, continue to join their dad for his morning “poopy time.” Which had Cooper admitting, “My bedroom is... the bathtub and toilet and bed are all in the same room. It’s 24/7, dude!” Cooper laughed. “There are no doors. The stairs go up and it’s all one floor,” adding that Lea loves to have a nice chat while he’s having his own poop time. “We talk where I’m on the toilet, she’s in the bathtub. That’s sort of the go-to.”

So what have we learned from Tori Spelling, Dax Shepard, and Bradley Cooper? Celeb kids are not about those bathroom boundaries.