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Travis Kelce Scored Major Points With Moms For Calling Out His Brother Jason

“Why didn’t Jason bring jeans for Jason?”

We’ve all been there — schlepping a family’s worth of supplies to the pool, or the park, or wherever for the day, only for our partners to ask if we packed some obscure item for them that is definitely their responsibility to remember. Well, a man with a microphone finally held his fellow bro accountable for doing this very thing. Travis Kelce called out his brother, Jason Kelce, for saying his wife forgot to bring his pants to his movie premiere, and, well, it’s cathartic to watch. (And Jason, to his credit, immediately realizes the error in his thinking.)

On the Kelce Bros.’ podcast, New Heights, the NFL stars share behind-the-scenes insight on big football moments of the week, what life is like as professional athletes, and lately, little tidbits about Travis’ new relationship with the one and only Taylor Swift. A clip from one of their September episodes is now going viral on social media. In it, Travis asks Jason about the premiere of his documentary, Kelce (available on Prime Video), and shows a photo of Jason’s outfit. The t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops look are not what you might expect for a movie premiere carpet, and the notably fashionable Travis inquires about Jason’s sartorial choice.

Jason starts to explain that he planned to wear jeans to the premiere but his wife, Kylie, was supposed to bring them and running late. Poor Travis tries to cut in early, but Jason plows ahead.

“I just came straight from football. Kylie was going to bring the jeans. Kylie was late,” he says. Travis, beautiful specimen that he is, laughs at his brother.

“Why didn’t Jason bring jeans for Jason?” Travis asks. He didn’t physically drop his mic, but he might as well have.

“Because I was at football, and I needed the jeans for after football. I’m not gonna wear jeans all day, that just doesn’t sound fun,” says Jason, eliciting even more laughter from his brother. “Alright I’m realizing now I probably can’t blame Kylie for this.”

The two exchange a few more jokes at Jason’s expense, with him ending the conversation by acknowledging just how much his wife had on her plate getting her three daughters settled in for the night, and then getting herself and her parents to the premiere together.

“Yeah, she was too busy getting the entire family situated with the babysitter, and then getting herself ready, and making sure her parents are with her,” he says.

Honestly, just seeing the two brothers joke about this is nice to see. But as Laura Danger, a TikTok creator who often talks about the unequal division of domestic labor between men and women, points out, this moment could actually have far-reaching effects.

“As a man, in a place of power, with a microphone, as a host in front of other people, he challenges in a way that is progressive and moves forward toward equality. The men who respect these two with microphones see this,” she says in her TikTok about the brothers’ funny moment.

So, if you weren’t already in love with Trav for his looks, maybe you will be now. Even if you aren’t sure this interview moment will turn the tides in how men think about domestic labor, it’s just kind of nice to see a man be the one calling out the imbalance for a change. *Swoon.* (Also, don’t worry about Kylie Kelce — she has no problem schooling her man.)