Sophia and her unicorn meet in 'Unicorn Academy.'

Unicorn Academy Is Coming To Netflix To Bring Your Child’s Most Whimsical Dreams To Life

The new animated series, coming to Netflix on Nov. 2, is about a boarding school where kids learn to form a bond with unicorns.

Every child who ever wished for a unicorn (*quietly raises hand*) is in luck. On Nov. 2, Spin Master Entertainment’s new, fantasy children’s series Unicorn Academy will debut on Netflix. Unicorn enthusiasts will be swept up in the spirit of friendship and adventure, and Romper has an exclusive sneak peek at what’s in store.

The original, animated fantasy-adventure series transports viewers to the magical Unicorn Island, where Sophia and her friends attend (you guessed it) Unicorn Academy. There, students live, study, and, most importantly, learn to bond with a unicorn to unlock their magical powers. Only once they’ve excelled in these important tasks can they go on to become guardians of the island and explore its magic. The series is adapted from The New York Times bestselling book series by Julie Sykes.

The adventure begins with a 72-minute movie (perfect for a family movie night) that segues into eight 22-minute episodes. Kids will love the vibrant cast of characters who make Unicorn Academy special, including freethinking, determined Sophia; sunny and enthusiastic Ava; brilliant, bookish Layla; sporty Isabel; feisty Valentina; and goofy, fun-loving Rory. Of course, those are just the human students. There are also unicorns of all different shapes, sizes, and colors roaming the meadows, forests, and even deserts of Unicorn Island. And just as they all have their own unique look, they also have their own unique powers — powers that can only be unlocked by bonding with their Unicorn Rider.


“The world of Unicorn Academy is officially unlocked and ready to welcome audiences in to meet the students as they discover their destinies as Unicorn Riders and explore the unbreakable bonds with their unicorns,” says Jennifer Dodge, Spin Master’s president of entertainment. “Kids are going to fall in love with the magical series, which is just the tip of the iceberg. We are building out a complete franchise ecosystem, that will dive deeper into the lore of the world through ancillary content, toy play and consumer products for fans.”

In Romper’s exclusive clip, we find bright but mild-mannered Layla stepping up and out of her comfort zone to rescue her friends from a sticky situation.

Unicorn Academy premieres Nov. 2 on Netflix.