Cats don't always like babies.
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Family Cat Fully Vomits After Meeting Newborn Baby

The dramatic sensibility of this cat, though.

Cayden Cazier and his wife Katie were anxious to introduce their newborn baby to their family cat. It’s one of the great joys in life, after all, watching your beloved pet bond with your child. Hopefully becoming the best of friends for years to come, providing endless memories and video opportunities to keep you entertained. While Fefe, adored cat of the Cazier family, might not have given them the reaction they were looking for, at least they did get a viral video out of it. A video they can show their daughter Maeve in the future, although it might cause a rift between the two. Because no one wants to see a cat vomit after meeting them.

Utah couple Cayden and Katie Cazier welcomed Maeve in November, and naturally they couldn’t wait to introduce their baby girl to her new “cat sibling” Fefe. In A TikTok video that has since gone viral, Fefe is seen meeting Maeve for the first time after her parents set her car seat on the ground. Fefe inspects the sleeping baby in total silence for a moment or two, before turning on her heel and storming away. Into another room, where Cayden follows and says, “Are you freaking kidding me? Are you serious?” Fefe was serious. Seriously vomiting.

The video has become a TikTok sensation since it was first shared last November, with many parents noting that their own cat would react in much the same way. Fefe had a lot of strong support from the internet, to be honest, with many saying they were not surprised.

Fefe’s less-than-impressed reaction did come as a big surprise to Cayden and Katie, particularly after the cat had spent months getting excited about the impending arrival. “In the months leading up to the birth, Fefe was obsessed with all the baby things we were bringing into the house,” Cayden, 26, told TODAY. “We’d find her jumping in the bassinet and crib. And she’s a really sweet, good-natured cat, so we were really excited about the introduction.”

Slightly more excited than Fefe herself, perhaps. Although not all that unusual. According to Hillpet.com, cats have a strong flight instinct in new situations and tend to want to leave, much as Fefe did in this video. The accepted wisdom is to let the cat go and find their own personal space, or in Fefe’s case, dramatically heave and vomit all over the floor like a total diva. If Fefe could have clasped a little paw to her chest and collapsed on a fainting couch, I feel certain she would have.