'Virgin River' is coming back for two new seasons.

Virgin River Has Been Renewed For Two New Seasons

Questions will be answered. Finally.

If you are a fan of hiking, cozy sweaters, and romance with gruff-but-sensitive local bar owners in cute small towns, you’re probably also a fan of Virgin River. The hit series on Netflix, based on the novels by Robyn Carr, has become a real comfort watch for millions of people looking for some gentle escapism. Although to be fair, there’s more than enough adventure and drama thrown in with all that sweet, sweet romance between Jack and Mel. And, good news, Netflix has renewed Virgin River for a fourth and fifth season.

More Small Town Drama Is Coming

Virgin River is based in a fictional small town in northern California, although the show is shot on location in various areas of British Columbia, Canada. The story follows Melinda “Mel” Monroe as she leaves San Francisco after the tragic death of her husband and takes a position as a midwife/nurse practitioner in Virgin River. There she meets a whole cast of quirky small town characters and sparks up a romance with Jack Sheridan, a retired U.S. Marine and the owner of the local restaurant.

The show has become a bit of a cult favorite for its quiet, easy charm and the voyeuristic joy of small town drama. Also all of those sweaters and hikes and Mel’s cabin, if we’re being honest. It’s the kind of show that leaves fans feeling sort of satisfied and comforted. And wanting more.

Virgin River Has Been Renewed For Two More Seasons

‘Virgin River’ is coming back for two more seasons.

Alexandra Breckenridge, who plays Mel, and Martin Henderson, who plays Jack, helped announce the series’ renewal with a cute social media post on Monday. Henderson pretended to propose to Breckenridge, but really asked her to do a fourth season. She responded by saying she wanted to do a fifth season, it was all very adorable.

No plot lines have been released by Netflix about the next seasons of Virgin River, but showrunner Sue Tenney did give one little spoiler in an interview with TV Line that one question will be answered, at the very least. And it’s a big one [Spoiler alert if you aren’t caught up!]. “You’ll find out by the end of the fourth season,” who is the father of Mel’s baby. As for the rest of the big mysteries from the third season, it’s still up in the air.

Premiere Dates Haven’t Been Announced Yet

The premiere dates for the fourth and fifth seasons have not yet been announced, but filming for the fourth season appears to have begun. The Watershed Grill, the location used to film Jack’s Bar, shared an Instagram post in August showing production on set underway, according to Marie Claire.

The first three seasons of Virgin River are available to stream on Netflix. You can catch up on all of the pregnancies, house fires, and new romances while you wait for the next season.