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Netflix is debuting a 'Waffles + Mochi' holiday special in November 2021.

Take An Exclusive Peek At Netflix's Wholesome Waffles + Mochi Holiday Special

The new special gives families a peek at holiday traditions from Hawaii to Norway!

Every year, families gather around to watch their favorite holiday specials and, hopefully, find some new ones as well. On Nov. 23, your kids’ new favorite culinary puppets, Waffles and Mochi, will appear in their very own holiday special — Waffles + Mochi’s Holiday Feast! The special will premiere on Netflix, teaching kids all about foods around the world and the importance of holiday traditions — with the help of a few special guest stars, naturally. So while we wait, Romper has an exclusive sneak peek!

In the series, Waffles (an adorable half yeti, half frozen waffle) and Mochi (an adorable mochi) spend a lot of their time traveling around the world at the behest of grocery store owner Mrs. Obama (yes, that Mrs. Obama) to learn about new foods and cultures. The holiday special begins back where the pair began: in their home, the Land of Frozen Foods. When co-worker Steve (he’s a mop) calls asking about their holiday traditions, eager-to-please Waffles makes up Freezie Day, a holiday all about food. Of course, that backfires when Steve and his partner Brümhilda (she’s a broom... naturally), and their child Steve Jr. (a duster) arrive at Waffles and Mochi’s house to celebrate! Quickly, they devise another plan: Mochi will venture out on MagiCart to gather food for the party while Waffles distracts the guests (who promptly multiply to include all their coworkers, plus Tracee Ellis Ross, Chef Samin Nasrat, and Lyric Lewis) at home.

It’s a mad dash around the world, from Norway to Hawaii, to put together a feast fit for Freezie Day! These images shared exclusively with Romper give a taste of the wholesome fun in store.

Get an exclusive look at scenes from the Waffles + Mochi holiday special

Waffles and Mochi appear to be celebrating in their home – the Land of Frozen Food. What will the menu be? We have some hints.Netflix
A mother and child prepare for a holiday meal in Norway with Mochi, who has traveled to the country to find food for his own feast.Netflix
Mochi also travels to Hawaii, where he appears to be getting some cooking tips al fresco.Netflix
In addition to Steve, Brümhilda, and Steve Jr., Waffles will also entertain Tracee Ellis Ross, Chef Samin Nasrat, and Lyric Lewis this Freezie Day.Netflix
It would appear that gathering around to sing is also a Freezie Day tradition! Who knew?Netflix
“Freezie Day” may be made up, but it looks like Waffles and Mochi pull off something really delicious in the end...Netflix

Of course, in the end, our friends learn (with the help of Mrs. Obama and friends) that it’s not about what’s on the holiday table but who’s around it that really makes a holiday special. Still, we’re excited to see what these little chefs will cook up!

Waffles + Mochi’s Holiday Feast will premiere on Netflix on Nov. 23.